June 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “Isaac Newtown’s Calculations on the Fulfillment of End Times Bible Prophecy Between 2016 and 2060

  1. While we do not have a date, we have periodicity of a dozen millennia – due to the slightly elliptical orbit of The Sun about its binary twin. We also have the birth date of this cycle as being about 10,000BC.

    What we also have is that the end of each cycle happens abruptly and without much warning (insufficient time to prepare), hence The Great Pyramid serving as a warning to give us ample preparation time.

    Accretion of ice is not likely to result in punctuality, and if it became that significant (without deforming the Earth like a jelly), it would result in a polar shift over centuries rather than hours. Why would it shift suddenly and relatively punctually?

    I suspect Newton was hypothesising gradual pole shift – implied by ‘wander’, rather than a pole flip.

    A sudden pole flip can be explained by a gradual inversion of the ambient magnetic field (caused by binary orbit between opposing fields), moving the Earth’s magnetically aligned spin axis from positive stability to negative stability, until, at an indeterminate point (12,000 years plus or minus a few decades), it flips, returning to positive stability for 12,000 years. This also explains the accelerating deflection of Earth’s magnetic north pole – as the ambient magnetic field strength increases.

  2. The Old World’s Bronze Age Copper Was Mined in Michigan

    Smoking Gun proof of Ancient Miners would be a “Shipwreck” and I know where a good subject exists.
    It has multiple agencies protection so the odds of my knowledge speading are mute.


    1. I’ve read a lot, and written a little, about the insane amount of copper mined thousands of years ago in Michigan. Please do provide details on any smoking gun proof, shipwreck, or cover-up if you can.

  3. Numerous scientists for over centuries has been predicting about the apocalypse based from the holy books and from the astronomical and scientific measures. The predicted time of end time could be different from what they have provided.

  4. I find it telling that Newton placed “the end times” in our century. He had a choice of many centuries from which to choose, but did recent past centuries “fit the bill” anywhere near as well as ours? He had no idea, for instance, that there could be such a thing as a *world* war, let alone two. And “rumors” of a third. Einstein said that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

    1. Many clues in Daniel point to 1948 (when Israel was re-created, and 1967 when Jerusalem was united under Jewish rule. The fig tree prophecy suggests that the “generation” that witnessed these events should see all things come to an end, with all prophecies fulfilled. The Bible suggests a generation is usually 70 years, or up to 80 on occasion. We are already over 80 years past 1948. How much longer can it be IF these prophecies are valid? Of course I have been wrong before, having expected much more in 2016 and 2019…. so maybe I’ll be sitting around in 2050, uneventfully, wondering if there’s any merit to it at all. But I expect time will tell in the 2020s.

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