February 24, 2024

Will the sun give us advance warning of the kind of cataclysmic activity that could trigger a POLE SHIFT on Earth?  We are already experiencing a magnetic pole shift, and it seems likely that a civilization-ending crustal displacement will follow.  Ancient cultures gave us clues in their art, monuments, myths, legends, religions, and prophecies.  But does hard science suggest these are just superstitious nonsense, or does science back up the old stories?


This video from SuspiciousObservers suggests that changes in magnetic field strength, brightness, sunspot activity, rotation speed, reddening or whitening, spikes in wavelengths from iron isotopes – and many other anomalies are detectable with modern technology.  Watching vigilantly for changes in such things could give us hours, days, or perhaps much more time to know the sun is about to have an explosive event that will lead to a POLE SHIFT.  Having such a warning, and acting quickly, could make the difference between imminent death and surviving into the next world age.  Would you rather live to see the new world, or not bother to try?  Please subscribe and comment – I really want feedback on people’s perspective.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auGj_FoZRzI&w=853&h=480]

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