July 13, 2024

This January has been fascinating to me, as I have experienced unprecedented (for me) internet publicity – hundreds of articles, all negative.  In a blog post a few weeks ago I noted how my comments were misrepresented and made to sound even sillier and more questionable than the fringe ideas they already are.  One article came out within minutes of an article I did, quoting that particular blog post, twisting what I have said in books, and even suggesting that I expect “sharknadoes” at the end of the year.  I wondered how anyone could monitor me enough to churn out a twisted response so quickly.

A few days ago a similar article came out in Australia, but this one at The Big Smoke acknowledges it is written/created by a web bot.  That explains the speed I have noticed… but is there a reason to direct bots to discredit me?  The very nature of the topics I write about – suggesting that a catastrophic POLE SHIFT is due soon and that governments conspire to cover up the evidence from scientific studies, archaeological digs, and even from ancient documentation including “myths and legends” and religious prophecies… inherently rules out any significant number of people taking my conclusions seriously.  It’s too unorthodox for most people to consider.  It doesn’t seem necessary to devote effort to misrepresent and discredit me.  Yet it keeps happening.

When The Big Smoke’s web bot article generator says I am “not just your garden variety internet numpty…he writes books and stuff.”  Someone programmed it to do that – and call me a “crackpot” – and lie and say I claimed the world would end in 2016 (even the title of the book they warp that from has 2019 in the title) – and call me “Davey” and spread lies about the frequency of pole shifts happening every 200-300,000 years instead of the 12-13,000 year cycle there is so much evidence for…

For one example I just found yesterday – in this video around the 43 minute mark – Douglas Vogt pointed out a set of uplifted coral terraces in New Guinea, with layers carbon dated (and again with Thorium 230 dating) estimated to be approximately 23,000 years old in one layer, 35,400 in another, 49,000 in another, 60,000 and 74,000 years old in the others.  Given the range of accuracy +/- up to 2,000 years these clearly provide yet another example of evidence indicating pole shifts occur with regularity roughly every 12,000+ years.

Greek, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, and many other groups all have “myths” about cycles of destruction by cosmic fire and flooding…


Vogt has his reasons for expecting the next POLE SHIFT catastrophe in 2046.  One of my books covers the clues in Mayan myth and astronomy and in biblical astronomical references and prophecy pointing to December 2019.  I never say with 100% certainty that the end of the present world must happen then.  I do say: “Hey!  There are a lot of clues pointing to one week in the future – maybe it merits our attention?”  Much more evidence somewhat vaguely points to the first half of the 21st century without clarifying a year.  Perhaps a long decline in Earth’s magnetic field precedes a catastrophic crustal displacement with a magnetic pole shift first.  But almost everything I read suggests – maybe we are due for the next POLE SHIFT soon.

It would seem that someone doesn’t want me saying such things.

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