February 24, 2024

I’m always impressed when someone other than a geologist (a smart guy in any unrelated field) can analyze the information available and conclude a POLE SHIFT is coming.  Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics recently posted an article on this topic, and despite several bits of flawed information – for an economist – he’s got a fairly good grasp of what happens:

Magnetic Poles Are Moving Rapidly as Never Before – Precursor to a Pole Shift?

“…the North Magnetic Pole is moving rapidly and erratically. Today it is now moving at a pace of 55km PER YEAR!!!!! This is creating a real crisis because the entire world GPS system was based upon a fairly stationary location for the North Pole.

…The North Pole was previously in Hudson Bay …we are potentially in line for such a major event…  A pole shift can be far more rapid than previously anticipated. I believe that people prefer to assume uniformity rather than a catastrophe ….rapid polarity changes could severely affect satellites and human society in the future if the current geomagnetic field intensity continues to decrease. This sudden rapid movement of 55km a year may be a warning of such a pending shift becoming imminent.

We know that 120,000 years ago the North Pole was in the territory of Yukon in Canada at 63 N and 135 W; then it went to the Greenland Sea at 72 N and 10 E about 84,000 years ago, …in the middle of Hudson Bay at 60 N and 83 W… to about 12,000 years ago when it came to its present location. …Antarctica was most likely free of all ice. That could explain the existence of the map of Antarctica without ice that has been found.”

It seems like the POLE SHIFT idea is going mainstream…

Pole Shift Front Page Book Cover

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