May 28, 2023

7 thoughts on “Dr. Michael Salla: “Massive Pole Shifts are Cyclic according to Declassified CIA Document”

  1. A 180° flip can occur whilst preserving angular momentum, and can also be explained by a reversal in external magnetic polarity (causing an apparent weakening & drifting of Earth’s magnetic field). A change in magnetic field polarity every 12,000 years can also be explained by a 24,000 year binary orbit across a field boundary.

    A 180° flip is also sufficiently severe that it can cause crustal shift, etc.

    A 180° flip also leaves no geological record. It is crustal shift that does so.

    The great seal of the US was with the USA since its Constitution, and its basis of Solomon’s seal is shared with the basis of Israel’s Star of David. Israel is not a child of the US. Both are children of The Illuminati.

    Today’s Civilisation started 12,000 years ago at Gobekli Tepe. Its end is nigh.

    1. I metChan Thomas when I was a kid. Now that may not have been his real name (my Dad worked at the Pentagon and brought him home.) He spent several days at our house and explained his theory to us. My impression was that he was a scientist at both CIT and Stanford- and he was writing Adam and Eve at that time (as best as I can recall this happened in 1962 or 63)

      1. Ok, ‘re-entered’. :-/

        I guess it may provoke curiosity in a tiny percentage – to look at tad deeper, perchance to venture down the rabbit hole.

        I also suspect it may re-enter the mainstream news ever more frequently…

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