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September 22, 2023

6 thoughts on “BANNED Antarctica Video?

    1. The video seems to have been replaced with another of the same name, but the new one is about climate change and seems kind of worthless to me. Unfortunately I made this post many days ago, scheduled it for today, but no longer remember the contents of the original [linked] video distinctly from other Antarctica/poleshift/ancient civilization – related videos.

      1. I did a search and the video title seems to be used as a kind of click-bait (multiple videos use the same title).

        So, you can’t recall anything in the video that was substantively new or rare information? Not something that would bring out the black helicopters eh? 😉

        Nothing like the Set/Sol revelation eh?

        1. I can’t remember for sure, but probably something to do with reasons so many high ranking officials started visiting in 2016, hinting at evidence of a pre-pole shift civilization.

      2. Presumably, you’d show antediluvian evidence of prior (technologically advanced) civilisations to certain folk if they needed convincing of cataclysm and the 12,000 year yin/yang cycle. Perhaps this is so they can then convince other select audiences?

        It’s certainly a major paradigm shift to undergo, i.e. that mankind is not on an infinitely ascending trajectory, but a sawtooth one, with vicious teeth…

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