February 26, 2024

Islamic terrorism happens so often in Europe it barely seems newsworthy enough for me to mention; but I was inspired to write this after the latest Islamic terrorist attack killed some people in Strasbourg, France.  “The 29-year-old has been convicted 27 times for several offenses committed in France, Germany, and Switzerland.”  No reason to DO ANYTHING about him, I suppose.

Such Islamic terrorism happens a LOT.  Despite the comments from traitorous politicians that deny it.


The European Union, and many of Europe’s traitorous national globalist leaders, suggest that terrorism is just the price we have to pay for “enjoying” open borders and freedom… when in reality they are knowingly importing millions of dangerous immigrants with no intention of assimilating, knowingly destroying the nations they are supposed to represent in order to push their socialist, globalist agenda….

FWIW, Nostradamus, wrote about this almost 500 years ago.  He warned that his native France, and Europe in general, would through “apathy” “neglect” and “negligence” allow an easy “path open to the followers of Mohammad” which would lead to the military invasion of Western and Southern Europe by the armies of Islam.  This is WWIII, a limited nuclear war which he described as gradually intensifying over 27 years of conflict between Islam and the West.  It appears to have started in 2001 – and should be completely finished by 2028.

London’s Fair Observer had an article in March 2017 titled: “Living With Terrorism: The New Normal.”  This NATO article from April 2017: “Terrorism is the New Normal” said: “Terrorist attacks in the past year in European Metropolitan areas like Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and most recently in London have made major news headlines, though can the public be really surprised or shocked over the tragedy in London a couple weeks ago? As sinister as this view may be, the reality is that terrorist attacks in North America and particularly Europe are becoming more frequent, flooding media outlets, and have even resulted in Facebook providing the option for users who live in proximity to these stricken areas to mark themselves as “safe” when an attack occurs. Features like this on social media should tell us something – terrorism is becoming normalized.”

In June 2017 former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said: “(European-style terror attacks are) going to be the new normal in our world.”  In August 2017, “The head of Sweden’s security police called the threat of terrorism in Europe the ‘new normal‘” in response to deadly attacks that had just occurred in Spain.  In September 2017 another article in London’s The Conversation said: “Many Britons seem to accept indiscriminate, jihadist-inspired violence as the “new normal.” As one resident of Parsons Green, the site of last week’s subway attack, said to The New York Times, “We get attacked, and then we carry on, waiting in anticipation for the next one.”


Fortunately, the common people of Europe are starting to wake up to reality – that they will have to defend themselves from both the Islamic Invasion of Europe and the traitorous socialist globalist politicians who are knowingly facilitating it.  The Yellow Vest protests are not just over a new gasoline tax – they are the result of total dissatisfaction with their elected officials.  Macron seems on the way out, hopefully Merkel and other follow soon after.

Or maybe, as Nostradamus warned, it will be too late by the time the people care enough to act.


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