May 18, 2024

It may seem at first like I am really stretching things and jumping to conclusions – but bear with me.  I think the jumps and conclusions made below are simple, easy to follow, and logical conclusions… especially compared to compiling the evidence I usually write about on topics like POLE SHIFT, Nostradamus prophecies, or End Times Bible prophecy.

A new study suggests that the crust of the Earth contains strange, newly discovered microorganisms in huge numbers several MILES deep“Organisms can exist for millennia. They are metabolically active but in stasis, with less energy than we thought possible of supporting life.”


In my opinion this realization also supports the idea that small, bacteria-sized life can survive in outer space – possibly hitching a ride on the debris from an impact and spreading to other star systems.

Panspermia – “the theory that life on the earth originated from microorganisms or chemical precursors of life present in outer space and able to initiate life on reaching a suitable environment” – becomes even more credible and likely with this evidence of life deep below the surface.  And that means that LIFE is probably spread all throughout the universe.

And that leads to the assumption that life has evolved into intelligent civilizations on at least some of the millions of planets likely to have life.  And that probably means some of those civilizations are millions of years ahead of us, and have been capable of visiting Earth for a very long time, long enough to “monkey with” our “monkey ancestors” and direct hominid evolution into what we have become – apparently with genetic intervention.  Even Francis Crick, who won a Nobel Prize in 1956 for discovering the double helix nature of DNA, supported the idea of artificial genetic manipulation.


Dr. He Jiankui just announced that the first genetically modified babies have been born in China in late November… Then was instantly “disappeared” for publicizing information on such classified topics:

Chinese scientist who edited twin girls’ genes He Jiankui missing for over a week

Some scholars speculate that the 97% of our DNA that seems like useless junk DNA might hold patterns – messages – possibly even genes that can be activated upon receiving a message in the form of changed environmental conditions – or even a radio or laser signal….

This blog post was originally inspired by the discovery of life deep underground, as noted in this article in The Guardian:

Scientists identify vast underground ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms

“The Earth is far more alive than previously thought, according to “deep life” studies that reveal a rich ecosystem beneath our feet that is almost twice the size of all the world’s oceans.  Despite extreme heat, no light, minuscule nutrition and intense pressure, scientists estimate this subterranean biosphere is teeming with [life] … hundreds of times the combined weight of every human on the planet….

“It’s like finding a whole new reservoir of life on Earth,” said Karen Lloyd, an associate professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. “We are discovering new types of life all the time. So much of life is within the Earth rather than on top of it.”

…One organism found 2.5km below the surface has been buried for millions of years and may not rely at all on energy from the sun. Instead, the methanogen has found a way to create methane in this low energy environment, which it may not use to reproduce or divide, but to replace or repair broken parts.

Lloyd said: “The strangest thing for me is that some organisms can exist for millennia. They are metabolically active but in stasis, with less energy than we thought possible of supporting life.”

I truly believe that the conclusion above supports panspermia, the likelihood of extraterrestrial civilizations, and the idea that we have been contacted or even modified genetically to be more intelligent and “like them.”  Almost every culture has creation stories suggesting we have creators in the heavens or the stars that made us in their image.  Even this BBC article – – suggests: “humans play host to alien genes, and it seems they have shaped our evolution.”

But then again, I see a 70 year trend of slow and gradual DISCLOSURE culminating before my eyes… We have gone from early reports like Kenneth Arnold’s “Flying Saucers” and the crash at Roswell through decades of movies to Vatican commentaries on whether or not aliens have original sin and need to be saved or not to Pentagon releases of footage showing pilots chasing UFOs.  I think full disclosure is coming very soon, and even an article about life deep underground supports the idea.


“These beings said that man was the product of externally corrected evolution, they said that man as a species had been genetically altered 65 times, they referred to humans as containers, yet I don’t know what we are containers of.”

– Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar, Area 51 & S4 whistle-blower

“One of the alleged presidential briefing papers I was shown in 1983 might have been quite accurate in the paragraphs that stated: ‘These extraterrestrials manipulated DNA in already-evolving primates to create Homo sapiens sapiens’”

– Linda Moulton Howe

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