October 4, 2023

2 thoughts on “Asteroid Impact in Greenland May Have Triggered Pole Shift

  1. Why would the mass of ice at the poles build up to a destabilising amount coincident with half a great year?
    It wouldn’t be predictable. It could take 6,000 years, perhaps 20,000 – who knows?

    Unless, as you suggest, there is another metronome such as a LaViolette superwave every 12,000 years that liberates the crust – which is bizarrely resonant with the precession of the equinoxes.

    It would also result in a 90 degree pole shift, if the ice caps were truly the driving force.

    1. I agree that if ice alone were the cause, timing would not be predictable because the buildup would vary each time.

      Ice caps alone would also cause a 90 degree shift.

      I suspect that a weakened magnetic field temporarily eliminates viscosity and friction in magma, and reappears and ends a pole shift before the ice cap makes it all the way to the equator.

      Another event, perhaps a cosmic one, would have to change the balance of forces in our crust, and we suspect the timing of such an event causes or is synchronized with the precession cycle.

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