March 1, 2024


from the recent article: A Magnetic Pole Shift Is Right Around The Corner

“Some astrological events are bigger and older than all of humanity today. They are outside of our control, pre-planned by Earth’s physics, and perhaps bring the change that is needed in any given age. One such event may be happening right now — a magnetic pole shift.

….If you look at the diagram provided by NASA of what happens during the pole shift, it looks like complete chaos. The North and South poles do not switch peacefully but keep shifting all over the Earth until the process is complete.

This is a powerful energy that may be causing a lot of challenges on Earth today — from extreme weather to political conflicts.”

My own analysis suggests there is a window of opportunity for a pole shift in December 2019, and another in late 2028.  Of course I could be wrong – but I suspect the catastrophe will be done before 2030.

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