October 4, 2023

2 thoughts on “Martin Armstrong: There Are Two Types of Pole Shifts & We Seem to be on Course for an event Faster than Most Ever Believed

  1. Here’ something I stumbled across recently:

    “The Pole Shift Forum”

    Which via “For example, consider those folks at the Poleshift Data Collection Website. They desire to get volunteers to report GPS and magnetic compass readings around the globe to detect and measure pole shifts, etc.. ” leads to:

    “The Poleshift Data Collection Project”

    Given data from official magnetic North pole measurements is no longer published, this project sounds like a good idea. I wonder what happened to it?

    As to pole shift being geologically fast, it is one thing to wonder how fast the process is (once begun), but another thing entirely to wonder how long the preceding phase is, i.e. the period in which an intelligent, technologically advanced, globally dispersed civilisation can recognise symptoms of an imminent pole shift (if it knew what those symptoms were). And at what point might an ignorant person recognise symptoms? Days, weeks, years prior?

    I reminded of the joke:

    How do you know when you’re about to be eaten by a bear?

    When your fellow camper starts putting his running shoes on.

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