May 28, 2023

11 thoughts on “Magnetic Flip is Happening Now, Catastrophic POLE SHIFT Imminent

  1. Holey Moley .. your not going to believe who I am! You visited my blog on this very subject .. I came up with a theory today and set out to look or the right map and I find both maps I am after and WHO IS IT that posts it?!

    YOU!! LMAO!!

    Yeah maybe a collaboration was not such a bad idea, eh?

  2. As a as I can tell and from the way magnetic ields wok it will go nuts long before it reaches Russia in fact it only has 22 miles or so to go ..

    What I was interested in finding is if the Russians published different locations to the USGS .. who by the way were on my case on social media .. treated me like an idiot, realised I was not .. had a brief conversation and then I asked why there was not up to date live map of the magnetic poles location considering its impact and they ran ever to be heard from again.

    Looking at the maps above, because I had read it had split in two, the locations on each map for 2013 seem to be between 500 and 1,000 miles apart at first glance.

    Well that cannot be right. If two men say they are Jesus one of them must be wrong! Sorry a line form an old Dire Straits track but you know what I mean?

    You might be interested to know the pole is heading straight for a volcano on a map I just published which is at 46 Degree I believe. MaverickStar Reloaded, YouTube or, predicts and demonstrated that just prior to reach a 40 degree marker, so short of the volcano, the fields will bounce around and early data he has had in seems to suggest it has started to bounce around a little?

    1. Ken White, in the book World In Peril, says a RAND Corporation study from many decades ago concluded that when the magnetic pole passes the axial pole, it will suddenly turn 90 degrees to the right (towards Britain apparently.)

      1. Hey David. Hmm interesting I will have to look that up.

        Spend most of my time destroying CO2 arguments on social media and getting blocked. My life has been turned upside down for years and many think now its because of what I have been saying. Recently heard they have been suppressing people that are what they call ‘deniers’ which I tell them is them turning science political and that they should not do that.

        Its theory until its proven fact .. they have never proved it, all the evidence observational and otherwise shows they are wrong, their predictions have never panned out so .. yes .. the fact that they are suppressing something that has the most evidence behind it shows that there is indeed a conspiracy.

        In the thread of over 50 people we had the co-founder to Greenpeace on our side, a couple of planetary scientists and a number of others. The pro CO2 group lost and went away but not before a couple of them blocked me.

        1. BTW, thanks for posting about my writing on GLP. I noticed the referrals from GLP to my blog this morning and checked it out. Feel free to mention my pole shift book whenever you are so kind to mention me already anyway, as that is the one I think is best out of my books.

  3. You most welcome. I shall do that .. I will refer to this conversation at some point in a post .. in fact I will link this blog in to my social media later.

    Have to be careful as I am targeted and have been for some time .. thought it was only my horrific true stories, which apparently and bizarrely are not politically correct and now found out they have been suppressing people speaking against the CO2 climate change mistake/hoax too.

    Truly bizarre times we live in and I cover other areas of science .. including animals and plants, just posted a video or Britain’s rarest plant and a few people are shocked it took 24 hours to get a view, despite plastering it on social media and having 8,000 plus followers.

  4. Maverickstar reloaded
    On YouTube has placed magnometer around the entire globe. Should you not be using HIS DATA ??? Readings taken every 3 seconds!!

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