June 4, 2023

12 thoughts on “Mass Arrests & Martial Law Coming 2019

  1. Thank Almighty God, Trump and the brave American patriots for taking bold indirect action to bring down the Elitist bloodline Satanists, DeepState and the Talmudic Chabad Lubovitch false Zionist Jewish dominance of global politics. Their final end is near…

      1. Trust in the justice system depends on bringing deep state to justice Military tribunals are the only solution

      2. The CORRUPT and criminal Democrats (and Republicans) are only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, I want to see them go down too, but Wall Street, HollyWeird, the CHURCH, the MILITARY is all full of pedophiles, crooks and skunks. The whole mess needs weeded-out and the malefactors indicted, prosecuted and in some cases EXECUTED upon conviction!

        Lots of PEDOPHILES out there and they need to be EXECUTED upon conviction! That’s what’s got the Deep State quaking in their Depends and Gucci loafers as they sit around the Board Room Table, wondering what to do next, in their efforts to get rid of Trump!

    1. Very interesting, at least we have some idea of what the mass arrests and tribunals would and will look like. Thank you for this interesting article. God, can’t wait for the rest of this sleeping world to wake the hell up already.

  2. Our government is being run by a lying crooked scumbags. They are all controled by zionist jew israel, the british empire, AIPAC, zionist Christians. Our asshole government representatives are being paid off, blackmailed and extorted, and some even threatened with death to their own person and or their families are included. This is how poor persecuted israel and the british empire and the CIA AND THE FBI E NSA AND MI6 OPERATE. Add to this the international PEDOPHILIA AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING GOING ON where seventy percent of our USA government are participants along with the rich and powerful elite of the USA and of the britsh empire,the zionist jews of israel and of the zionist jews in America such as the ADL, THE JDL, B’NAI-BRIT and the INTERNATIONAl jew congress and local jew congresses take it upon themselves along with the southern poverty law center to spy on the USA CITIZENS to make sure we follow their rules of how we should live. THEY NEED AMERICAN CITIZENS TO BLEED FOR THEM AND TO SUPPLY THEM WITH WEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY AND SO THEY CAN CONTINUE THEIR APRTHIED GOVERNMENT AND COUNTRY , ISRAEL and the BRITISH EMPIRE, WHICH IT STILL IS AN EMPIRE BY THE BY. REMEMRER THE USS LIBERTY AN AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SHIP IN 1967 which was off the coast of Egypt in international waters DURING THE EGYPTIAN ISRAELI WAR. ISRAEL ATTACKED THE USA SHIP WITH FIGHTER PLANES AND WHEN THEY COULDN’T SINK THE AMERICAN SHIP WITH AIRCRAFT THE ZIONIST ISRAELIS BROUGHT ON TORPEDO BOATS AND SHOT TORPEDOS AT IT AND COULD NOT SINK IT WHICH THEY DEARLY WANTED TO DO SO THERE WOULD BE NO EVIDENCE OF THEIR CRIME. The zionist israeli jews killed THIRTY AND WOUNDED ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR AMERICAN SAILORS. This was kept secret for 30 years. The Liberty called for help from our fleet which was less than one hour away. LINDEN BAINES JOHNSON ORDERED THE ADMIRAL TO CALL THE OFF THE FIGHTER PLANES. AMERICA FIRST , BULLCRAP.

    1. Johnson’s handling of the Liberty event is so odd that I can’t figure out why it happened as it did. But if the Jews controlled everything the way some people fear, there wouldn’t be a strong Iran, or over a billion Muslims, or Arab-dominated United Nations, or a lot of other things.

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