June 24, 2024

At least he approximately agrees with the range of time he gives for the return of Jesus.

In End Times and 2019 I point out a possible date for the Second Coming, and the evidence why I think clues might just be pointing to October 14, 2019 for Christ to Tabernacle with us again on that particular Feast of Tabernacles.  The astronomical events in our sky match many descriptions from Bible prophecy in late 2019.

But Nostradamus seems to indicate that WWIII will end with Great Tribulation in 2028.

So it gets my attention when Steve Cioccolanti suggests that depending on how you interpret various Bible prophecy clues – the Second Coming is due between 2017 and 2032.  I would narrow it down a little, but we generally seem to be on the same page.


Look at the 17:30 mark if you want to get right to that particular point about that range of years.  Watch the video below – or for even more detail – read my books

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibOaYCyqLI0&w=862&h=485]

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