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September 22, 2023

4 thoughts on “Video: The Poleshift

  1. There are two schools of thought:

    1) Magnetic polar shift and/or reversal is no big deal and geophysical pole shifts do not happen. It is merely a coincidence that The Earth’s magnetic field is currently axially aligned. The glaciation cycle involves a worldwide temperature change, and is unrelated to changes in Earth’s magnetic field.

    2) 180° Geophysical polar inversion happens every 12,000 years, with concomitant crustal shift effectively recording a non-180° change in magnetic polarity (which always remains axially aligned). There is no glaciation cycle, except that polar regions move closer or further away from the poles due to the crustal shift.

    Per the first school of thought, the PoleshiftNing video is a load of bunk.

    Per the second school of thought, it is interesting in the points it makes:

    1) The pole shift is rapid. AGREED.
    2) Our solar system is a binary system. YES.
    3) “The Sun’s twin is a dark unlit star” – NO. It’s Sirius.
    4) A 10th planet orbits both stars every 3,657 years. ???
    5) It crosses Earth’s orbit. !!!
    6) It then proceeds to jiggle Earth about like a magnet-toy, even causing Earth to completely stop rotating (with no explanation as to how rotation resumes).
    7) “Planet X is visible as a huge red monster with its many moons trailing behind” – compare with “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”

    So, this comes off as ‘flat Earth’ disinfo, to not only discredit pole shift and our second sun, but then to introduce incredibly prescriptive non-Newtonian astrophysics, so detailed that they’d have to have been passed down by astrophysicists from the previous occurrence. A periodicity that isn’t geologically recorded (unlike the ‘glaciation’ cycle) is also rather fishy. 3657 is a fishy number too.

    The only plus point about the video’s Planet X proposition is that it provides an explanation for the Bible’s ‘great red dragon’ passage.

    1. I had never considered the possibility that the dragon with its heads and horns could be a passing system like Nibiru or Planet X on a 3657 year cycle – I still don’t think so, but it is an interesting point to consider, at least briefly.

      1. Well, I’d be interested to know any theory you have as to how the red dragon is represented in the heavens.

        We’ve had the second coming of Christ – as in the 23rd of September 2017, when the king of kings (Jupiter) was born from the virgin (Virgo) whilst the three wise men were visiting her (Mercury, Mars, Venus – wanderers). That’s probably why we have to celebrate the nativity every xmas (24th night, 12th night epiphany/apocalypse/revelation – representing the 24 millennia great year and a cycle every 12 millennia thereof). The Red Dragon is next – whatever that is…

        1. The Great Sign you refer to from 9/23/17, in my opinion, actually works better in October 2019. The sun moves over Spica on the Feast of Tabernacles, the moon is at Virgo’s mid-section, then feet… The Draconid meteor shower plays a role with the stars falling – they appear to come from the tail area of Draco and once every so many years they are spectacular – like 500 meteors a minute – if Earth crosses the debris trail of the comet responsible for them just right.

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