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September 22, 2023

5 thoughts on “Flash-Frozen Mammoths are Evidence of POLE SHIFTS

  1. I still encounter folk who believe the majority of Earth was covered in snow and ice for a hundred thousand years or so until around 10,000BC. No doubt, all living like eskimos explained a lack of technological advancement.

    From a thermodynamic perspective, there is little cause for the temperature of the planet to significantly fluctuate in less than cosmological timescales. Thus pole shift is a better explanation of local temperature fluctuations evidenced from ice core analysis than to infer a planet-wide effect.

    The problem is, that pole shift is unthinkable…

  2. Too harsh for many to seriously consider, but that’s why there are so many deceptions – to get a few to reconsider their assumptions about so many things, to eventually reconsider everything, including the age of the Great Pyramid, the cause of precession, the coincidence of the glaciation cycle, the possibility that h sapiens did more than sharpen flint tools, and pick nuts and berries for hundreds of thousands of years until 10,000BC, the possibility that cataclysm is a regular event, the possibility that preparations for it are already well underway, and paid for by an unwitting proletariat wondering why things are getting worse instead of better.

    1. The only reason Michigan had glaciers is because the North Pole was much closer to Michigan at the time. There are no “ice ages” in the sense of global freezing and major temperature changes worldwide. There was an ice cap in North America because North America was at the North Pole. Siberia was warm at the same time because it was far from the North Pole.

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