February 26, 2024

Time and History occasionally offer a potential fork in the road; with one path leading to survival and the other to imminent destruction.  America made a horrible mistake electing Barack Obama, and almost compounded it with Killary, who seems very unstable and corrupt and leaves many victims of Arkancide in her wake.

One comment after the post below said:

“The great legacy of Barack Obama is that he fostered an atmosphere in this country that encouraged liberals/leftists/progressives to believe they had some manifest right to defy the law for what they alone deemed to be righteous. He did this by subtly fomenting disrespect for our police and praising or failing to criticize those who disregarded the law – people like Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Illegal aliens and black criminals that he portrayed as victims of the police – and by his own use of his “pen and phone” to exceed the power imbued to him by the Constitution. The Deep State took root under his administration taking cues from his rhetoric, and maybe even his behind-the-scenes instruction. I don’t know if much of the country appreciates the crisis we are dealing with as a consequence of this, given that half this nation seems to see the Deep-staters as heroes rather than treasonous corruptocrats that are undermining their government. If this crisis does not end in a routing of the Deep-staters and HARSH consequences, this Deep State will be the new norm going forward and America as we knew it will cease to exist.”

As for the full article from garnet92 at thepeskytruth blog here:

We Dodged a Bullet When We Elected Donald Trump


“My friends, I think we’ve dodged a bullet.

At the risk of repeating myself (I’ve said it before), I just can’t stop thinking that if Donald Trump HAD NOT been elected – if we had been cursed with Hillary instead – we wouldn’t know about the criminal activity that was apparently rampant among the top officials in our Intelligence Community (IC), our Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI.

There’s little doubt that it would have continued with Hillary at the helm (who would have stopped it?) and would have grown to be more widespread and powerful than before. There’s also little doubt that Hillary would have used that power to control and punish her enemies and reward her friends, continuing the standard set by Barack Obama.

And the Imperial Presidency would become even more powerful.

We, the people, wouldn’t have a clue about the criminals, seditionists, and yes, even traitors, who were running amok in the nation’s most respected and powerful law enforcement agencies.

The only reason that we have that knowledge now is that those agencies were so certain that Hillary would be elected that they were complacent in the execution of their outrageous schemes; they weren’t afraid of being caught; they knew Hillary would protect them.

But then, the impossible happened; Hillary LOST. Without Hillary to cover up those loose ends, their conspiracies were in danger of exposure.

We dodged that bullet ONLY because their plans assumed that Hillary would win and they weren’t as careful as they would have been if they’d known that they would be operating under a different regime; and one that was decidedly angry for being framed.

If they had been more careful we’d never know of their criminal conspiracies. They had the capability to prevent others from gaining access to any evidence that could expose their criminal actions.

The IC, DOJ, and FBI all have the ability to classify information and documents. That gives them the ability to withhold anything from exposure to protect ‘sources and methods.’ That makes it easy to withhold damning evidence indefinitely from other inquiring bodies.

And they have the ability to launch investigations. That allows them to prevent any access to evidence or witnesses that the agency wants to keep secret since they won’t cooperate on anything relating to a matter that is part of an ‘ongoing investigation.’

Additionally, those groups are endowed with the manpower and budget that allows them to execute practically any nefarious activity with impunity, confident of their ability to keep it from ever being discovered.

If Hillary (or any other democrat) was in the White House protecting these reprobates, how would we ever know?

All of the details haven’t become public – yet. The Deep State participants are still colluding, hiding behind secret ‘classified’ documents and ongoing investigations, to prevent the exposure of their own culpability in the actions they’ve taken to exonerate Hillary, frame candidate Trump, and impeach President Trump, but their time is just about up.

In ancient times, alchemists tried to transmogrify lead into gold, they were unsuccessful. Today, if justice prevails, we may have reason to honor President Trump’s election for transmogrifying scores of ‘top-level public servants’ into prison inmates.

Presto chango, and all without a magic wand.”

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