October 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Lascaux Cave Paintings Show Zodiac Constellations Same Today as 13,000 B.C.

  1. The band of sky/stars/constellations known as the Zodiac rotates 360 degrees every 24,000 years (a ‘great year’), as a consequence of The Sun orbiting about our second sun, Sirius (which means ‘sun’), in a slightly elliptical, barycentric orbit – which means the current rate of precession is about 1° per 71 years, but is 1° per 66 years on average.

    Sirius has just passed aphelion (~6,000AU) and so is now upon its return toward The Sun, thus is now slightly blue-shifted (now the blue Kachina – once the red), and in half an orbit (half a great year) at perihelion (~2,000AU) will begin departing once more (red-shifted).

    Around aphelion/perihelion both The Sun and Sirius cross the galactic plane (not to be confused with the galactic centre), and transition between two oppositely polarised magnetic fields. Any magnetically polarised bodies accompanying the Sun consequently realign accordingly – such as The Earth, which inverts 180°, thus preserving its angular momentum, albeit experiencing minor crustal slippage.

    The earliest signs of agriculture can now be traced back to Göbekli Tepe, around 12,000 years ago.

    Given foreknowledge, the last signs would be that a civilisation was subtly abandoned/asset stripped (like a village in a valley to be dammed). Is there any evidence of this?

    Have there been astronomically expensive boondoggles that have turned out to be covers for diversion of funds? Apollo (Apollyon)? Cern (Kali/Shiva)?

    Are there symbolic clues that our current cycle of the two cycles (yin/yang) caused by our two suns (symbolised by two towers) is about to end? Felling of two towers?

    Is there a secret society that symbolically has towers representing The Sun and Sirius? Freemasonry?

    Is there geological evidence of upheaval/poleshift every 12,000 years? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4izkPDASG7U

    There are a variety of theories as to the cause:
    1) Asteroid strike (Hancock et al)
    2) Rogue planet (Sitchin, Lieder)
    3) Alien harvest (Jupiter Ascending)
    4) Galactic Superwave (LaViolette)
    5) Ambient magnetic field reversal (anon)

      1. Interesting to hear. Any clues as to where on the spectrum it’ll be?
        Impossible – Interesting – Plausible – Sold

  2. Note that the ambient magnetic field about the Earth is likely to be dominated by the Sun’s magnetic field, and it may be that when the Sun moves into a differently polarised field and flips its own field in sympathy, that its field in combination then overcomes the Earth’s.

    The second sun was hidden for a reason – presumably because otherwise it would be much easier to deduce poleshifts as the cause of Earth’s 12,000 year lifecycle.

    Here are some potentially relevant links:


    Just repeated on ZeroHedge:

    An old article about The Sun flipping its field:

  3. Incidentally, due to radiation incursion as a consequence of disruption to Earth’s magnetic fields, I suspect we may see the coincidental spread of Ebola to the areas affected – Ebola being less scary than cosmogenic radiation. When Ebola arrives in the US, ‘it’ begins…

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