July 13, 2024

When I read ancient stories of global catastrophe involving a bull or a lion and it makes sense to interpret the references to Taurus and Leo in the sky – it’s nice to see evidence that the same constellations definitely were perceived the same way as far back as the “ice age” (North America had an ice age at the time, much like Antarctica and Greenland do now, because the North Pole was in the western part of Hudson Bay at the time) because this helps validate the astronomical significance of the ancient warnings.


Hathor, Egypt’s goddess of destruction, who was described to have almost exterminated mankind completely – is always shown wearing the sun within the horns of a bull. Such images could represent either or both of the last major catastrophes human civilization has barely survived.  It could represent the winter solstice sun at the horns of Taurus, where it would have been in the Age of Leo almost 13,000 years ago when the last major catastrophic pole shift occurred. Because we define zodiac ages by the position of the spring equinox sun, this would have been in the Age of Leo.

On the other hand, (as evidence like Burckle Crater has demonstrated since 2005) Noah’s Flood took place when an asteroid hit the Indian Ocean around 5,000 years ago during the Age of Taurus, with the spring equinox sun in Taurus. It is hard to know WHICH catastrophic event the Egyptians were linking to the sun in Taurus – and maybe the tradition associating Hathor and the sun in the bull’s horns goes back far enough to represent both.


The cave art above was discovered in Lascaux Cave in France in 1940.

It was painted approximately 14,500-17,000 years ago, (depending on who you ask) and it clearly shows the Pleiades, Taurus, the Hyades, and Orion’s belt.  Other art in the cave seems to show other constellations, most clearly Gemini, Leo, and Capricorn. 

You might ask, SO WHAT?

I think it is significant that the stars we associate today with constellations of a bull, twins, a lion (and probably other constellations) WERE ALREADY VIEWED THE SAME WAY AT LEAST 14,500 YEARS AGO.  It means that during North America’s “ice age” – before the last POLE SHIFT saw the North Pole move from Hudson Bay to where it is in the Arctic Ocean today – our ancestors were already paying close attention to the heavens and there were organized, established conventional ideas about the constellations.  Paleolithic cave art in other countries also shows similar depictions of the stars in prehistoric art.  They had good reason to pay attention to the skies.

I think this is important evidence because my research on pole shifts has led me to conclude that the last major pole shift happened almost 13,000 years ago, that the trigger was a cosmic one – and that our ancestors knew there was a link between catastrophe on earth and visible events in the sky.  They encoded astronomical information about these events into myths, legends, stories – and some of these warnings lasted thousands of  years to reach us fairly intact in the books of ancient Sumeria, India, Egypt, Greece, and the Hebrew Bible.

There is so much wisdom passed down from ancient times about the last catastrophic pole shift – the periodic cycles Egyptian priests warned us about that occur “after the usual interval” and the next one in the cycle, which is due very soon.

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

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