May 28, 2023

5 thoughts on “More Evidence for Cosmic Trigger for POLE SHIFTS – Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays

  1. A 12,000 year cycle is going to be tied to the 24,000 year precession of the equinoxes around the zodiac, especially if you understand that this cycle occurs because The Sun is in a barycentric orbit.

    Consequently passing between two magnetic fields twice during this cycle, as it moves abive and below the galactic plane, is far more plausible than some phenomena hundreds of light years away with a similar period.

    1. I agree that it is tied to the (half) cycle of precession – which is often considered 25,920 years – but which we can’t know the exact length of easily because the “cycle” may be based on an elliptical orbit of and depending on what part of the orbit we are in, we might observe a not-so-average portion of it and extrapolate a slightly wrong duration.

      1. Well, the white/black (day/night – heaven/hell – above/below) yin/yang of the Chinese zodiac leads one to the red/blue Taegeuk, which ties in with the red/white/blue tricolore, and this provides the clue that the secret sun is red/blue shifted (white-unshifted) as it orbits away and towards us. So, for 12,000 years it is reddish and for the other 12 it is bluish, with pure white for brief periods at the transition (perhaps several centuries).
        We know that it is currently white with a bluish tinge, whereas thousands of years ago it was described as red. That means it is currently just past aphelion, and so is about 6,000AU away, and at perihelion will be about 2,000AU away. It also means we are in the slow phase of the slightly elliptical orbit, and thus would extrapolate a 1 rev per 26,000 year cycle (on the assumption of constant angular velocity).

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