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September 21, 2023

11 thoughts on “Magnetic Pole Shift Starting With South Atlantic Anomaly?

  1. If one considers the possibility that The Sun is in orbit with another similar star on a 24,000 year period, and twice during that orbit, it consequently crosses between two magnetic fields of opposite polarity, then any magnetically polarised body that accompanies The Sun will be attracted into alignment with the ambient field. If the solar companion is a spinning body, then the ambient magnetic field would need to exceed the gyroscopic force that maintains the alignment of the body’s spinning axis.

    Even so, if the field changes from NS to neutral to SN, it is possible the spinning body will only invert upon sufficient instability which will then suddenly accelerate into a 180 flip, thus preserving angular momentum (until the ambient field changes again). Prior to that event, it is likely the body’s apparent magnetic field will appear to reduce, with its north pole gradually repelled by the NS magnetic field, to drift laterally until its consequent torque is sufficient to induce that critical initial wobble.

    Given the mild symptoms, abrupt event, and devastating consequences, it would be useful to a future civilsation if a self-explanatory warning message could be created that would last at least 12,000 years.

      1. The Great Pyramid of Giza is most likely one such attempt, as are the Nasca lines (there is a good argument these are designs of the former).

        1. trying to learn from this video suggests the maker has partially deciphered ancient wisdom but can’t convey it clearly worth a damn. I will keep looking more into it though, thank you

      1. I agree the chap has difficultly making things clear, but given the Giza pyramid was self-evidently built to last long enough to communicate its inherent information to a future civilisation (likely to have ground penetrating radar), it is consequently quite plausible that the least disturbed surface of The Earth has been used as a canvas for a similar purpose.

        There is no warning so important as information liable to tip off a future civilisation as to the cause and nature of a poleshift.

      2. Any cognoscenti/secret society that has been observing discpline in perpetuating its mission down through the millennia is unlikely to fail and become self-serving just prior to the culmination of that mission.

        It’s not about power. It’s not about ethnic cleansing. It’s not even about survival. It’s about h sapiens – enabling h sapiens to escape from the poleshift cycle of rebirth.

        1. I hope so, I hope that concern for the survival of humanity and the wisdom gained by this civilization are the real goals. But it is so easy for a splinter group of selfish, power-corrupted individuals to start a rival plan.

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