May 18, 2024

from: “Science of Cycles – South Atlantic Anomaly and Magnetic Field Reversal”

Not only is the Magnetic North Pole racing towards Russia (making some scientists wonder when a catastrophic axial POLE SHIFT will follow suit and allow the floating surface crust of the entire world to shift and realign with the magnetic field) but the magnetic field is also getting much weaker, possibly indicating that a magnetic pole reversal is already underway.  Near South Africa, the first signs of a new and different magnetic field are already emerging.

As this article states, our geomagnetic field is getting weak and the “rate has accelerated over the last couple of decades. What could be described as the epicenter of Earth’s weakening magnetic field, is known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAS).

The region of the SAS is the result of a decaying dipole geomagnetic field which is now so pronounced, that it allows the close approach of Earth’s radiation streams known as the Van Allen belt. The magnetic field strength is so weak in this region – it is a hazard for airplanes and satellites that orbit above due to radiation which affects electronics.”


There is a great deal of evidence on pole shifts suggesting this is likely to get much worse soon.

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