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September 22, 2023

3 thoughts on “Aboriginal Australians See “End of Days” in Late 2019

    1. I assume EVERY coastline will be flooded – some more than others. Momentum will probably bring oceans onto Western coasts first and worst, so in Australia – Perth would be likely to get submerged hardest and deepest compared to say, Brisbane. The real question is WHEN. Just because I have found clues pointing to December 2019 and Aboriginal elders seem to be in agreement, that doesn’t prove I’m right. Other researchers point to different dates and the next pole shift cataclysm could be 2019 – or 2028 – or 2046 – depending on who you ask. I say this because while I want people to be aware of my research and conclusions, I don’t want to cause panic and despair. If interested, keep studying the topic, keep preparing spiritually, and have a plan in mind in case events seem to be accelerating towards such an event someday.

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