July 13, 2024

Is something different this time?  Are such Earth changes signs – a prelude to a POLE SHIFT – a catastrophic reorientation of the entire surface of the Earth over the core, as has happened every 13,000 years for billions of years?kilauea-lava-eruptions-public-domain

Earth In Travail: Hawaii Hammered By Over 12,000 Earthquakes In The Last 30 Days

“Hawaii has been struck by “over 12,000 earthquakes” during the last 30 days. That is an extraordinary amount of shaking, and many are now becoming concerned that fundamental physical changes are happening to the islands. As one USGS official has noted, we have never seen earthquakes happen on the Big Island with this sort of frequency ever before…”

“At the same time, the people of Guatemala are calling the latest eruption of the Fuego volcano “one of the biggest in 500 years”. A colossal avalanche of super-heated mud, rock and ash as hot as 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit caught multitudes of local residents completely off guard. And the volcanic gases coming from the volcano alone were capable of causing rapid asphyxiation. You can see footage of the immense devastation here, and one official is telling the media that they are finding some bodies “totally buried, like you saw in Pompeii”…”


Shocking Satellite Photos Reveal Entire Towns Obliterated By Guatemala’s “Volcano Of Fire”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXhaXp6D_TU&w=854&h=480]

Dramatic Footage Shows Hawaii Lava Devastation; Guatemala Death Toll Rises After Volcano Explodes Again


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