July 13, 2024

I just had another POLE SHIFT article published to showcase my recent book:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

This article is for Nexus Magazine (only the Australia/New Zealand edition is out so far – the version that will be sold in the US isn’t available yet) and focuses on the conspiracy and cover-up angle – the idea that there is plenty of evidence for previous catastrophic pole shifts and the destruction of technologically advanced civilizations – the last event being almost 13,000 years ago.  Are governments and religions systematically covering up our true history?

Nexus Cover

Maybe as my book gains traction and is taken more seriously (already by far the number one pole shift book on Amazon) my articles will eventually be the TOP cover article in magazines…  And to my surprise, an earlier book of mine that doesn’t focus so completely on the topic is also the fourth ranked pole shift book on the list.  If you know that there are massive Earth changes (volcanoes in Hawaii, Guatemala, etc) and cracks opening up in the ground for miles in Africa, and lots more earthquakes than there used to be, and that the magnetic North Pole is moving fast towards Russia, and you wonder why nobody is talking about the coming catastrophe… maybe you should check out my newest POLE SHIFT book

Pole Shift Front Page Book Cover


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