April 21, 2024

20,000 scientists give dire warning about the future in ‘letter to humanity’ – and the world is listening

The paper is now one of the most discussed scientific works ever and has been signed by a huge number of experts

Are they worried about aliens?  Climate change?  Pole shiftOverpopulation?  WWIII?

“A dire warning to the world about its future, which predicts catastrophe for humanity, is continuing to gain momentum.


The letter – which was first released in November – has now been signed by around 20,000 scientists. And the world seems to be listening: it is now one of the most discussed pieces of scientific research ever, and its publishers claim it is now influencing policy.

The new letter was actually an update to a an original warning sent from the Union of Concerned Scientists that was backed by 1,700 signatures 25 years ago.”

It takes them a while to get to the point…

“The publishers of the letter now say that the letter is the sixth most-discussed piece of research since Altmetric records, which track publications’ impact, began. It has prompted speeches in the Israeli Knesset and Canada’s BC Legislature.”

Finally the article says: “Mankind is still facing the existential threat of runaway consumption of limited resources by a rapidly growing population, they warned.”

Well duh.  Earth cannot indefinitely support even ONE BILLION people at a modern Western level of consumption, let alone the other 6-7 billion who want it too.  So will technological innovation succeed in accomplishing more with less – will we have the lifestyle with less consumption – or will we use everything up and be forced to settle for consuming less?  Or more likely, will human population see a drastic reduction?  Will the elite depopulation agenda be put into effect until, as the Georgia Guidestones suggest – population is reduced below 500 million?  Or will nature do it for us, through plague or pole shift or some other catastrophe?

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