March 1, 2024

I would say yes: the mind is not the brain, the brain is just hardware, very limited hardware, for a vast consciousness that existed independently of it before, and will be independent of it again.  I believe our mind survives various brain injuries, has no location within the brain, and survives physical death.


One insightful web site includes this gem: “A blind patient said he saw, from the corner of the operating room, the doctors attempting to revive him. The story is consistent with what happened in reality, but that’s not the most surprising. “He was conscious,” says Parnia “during a three-minute period during which there was no pulse”.


This is paradoxical because typically the brain stops working between 20 and 30 seconds after the heart stops, not returning again to normal activity until the heart beating resumes.”

In this article: “After death you’re aware that you’ve died, say scientists”

“It’s one of the biggest mysteries of human existence: what happens when we die? Does consciousness cease to exist? How can we possibly know?

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross famously studied and made known to the world the life-after-death experiences of thousands of people who were revived, but these accounts don’t tell us if consciousness continues after actual death.

A growing body of research is studying the processes that occur after death and the findings suggest that that human consciousness does persist immediately after the heart stops.

What it means is this: when we have died, we are aware we’re dead. Scientists have drawn this conclusion because they have observed the continuation of brain activity after the body has stopped showing signs of life.

This at least is the conclusion of researchers at New York University’s Langone School of Medicine…”

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