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In 1958 Charles Hapgood (author of books like Earth’s Shifting Crust, Path of the Pole, and Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings) suggested that the Earth’s crust had undergone repeated displacements and that such catastrophes – commonly known as POLE SHIFTs – were the best explanation for ice ages (they happen when a region is at one of the poles, like Greenland and Antarctica have today) and many other geological mysteries.

I include Hapgood, and many other sources of information, in my recent book:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

As for Hapgood’s theories:

“A pole shift would displace the Earth’s crust around the inner mantle…. Hapgood demonstrated his theory by documenting three Earth crust displacements in the last 100,000 years.

Looking down on the current North Pole, we can identify at least 3 previous positions of the pole according to Hapgood. These are shown roughly by the numbered red dots in the map on the right.

Position #1: 63 degrees N, 135 degrees W. From the Yukon area of North America at about 80,000 B.P.(before present era) and moving east by 75,000 B.P to the Greenland Sea.

Position #2: 72 degrees N, 10 degrees E. From the Greenland Sea, starting at about 55,000 B.P. and then moving south-west by 50,000 B.P. towards what is now Hudson Bay.

Position #3: 60 degrees N, 73 degrees W. From the Hudson Bay area at about 17,000 B.P. and moving north to its present location by about 12,000 B.P.

Position #4: The current position.” quoted from: http://viewzone2.com/changingnorthx.html

If interested in an updated explanation of pole shift theories and evidence, read:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

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