July 13, 2024

I wish I could could take credit for this post, but credit goes to Rick Hayes at americanthinker.com,  and I found it through Garnet92 and thepeskytruth blog.

“A mob of foreigners planning to march across the United States border knowing in advance that numerous sanctuary cities will break federal law and welcome them in.  Unidentified individuals being allowed to vote in U.S. elections, riots at universities with the intention of preventing any discussion that does not agree with theirs.  These realities are all happening now and are all symptoms of a political plague that has been visited upon America and most of Europe.

In 430 B.C., Greece was hit by smallpox.  In 1347, Europe contended with the “Black Death.”  And today, America and much of Western civilization are facing leftism.  Not the traditional pathogen seen in earlier plagues, but nevertheless all contagious and deadly.

The primary vehicles used to spread this insidious cognitive disorder at alarming rates consist of a leftist propaganda network known as the mainstream media, and indoctrination to leftist ideals via an overpriced monopolized leftist education system.  And like many infections that use the resources of the host to destroy the host, leftism perverts America’s justice system, corrupting weak elected officials and brainwashing tens of thousands of young adults, all in an effort to decimate the freedoms of the Republic.

Even with its distorted knowledge of human nature, a defective version of history, and a prolific case of massive immaturity, leftism continues to thrive and push ahead, with its suicidal progressive agenda relying on ignorance and gullibility.

A clear example of this exploitation is where the left has managed to distort the Bill of Rights into its own bastardized version in an attempt to eliminate liberty, limit free speech, and end the right of the individual to defend against oppression.


The left survives within a self-made mirage that uses well-written speeches containing caring and poetic language and emotional appeals that appear to be on the side of good, protecting the weak and needy in society.  But in fact, the left exploits and manipulates both weak and poor to continue to remain in power.

Consider the infected American cities of Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago, where the left has total control and can implement whatever programs it wants, and look at the result: perpetual devastation, crime, and misery.


California, a once wealthy and successful state, is now an insolvent laughingstock of the world.

Once infected with leftist ideas, an individual’s perception of reality becomes similar to that of a five-year-old.  His worldview is filtered through projection and hypocrisy.  The left preaches free speech, inclusiveness, and tolerance but omits the part about those qualities applying to those who agree with the leftist agenda.  The left calls conservatives violent when it is leftists themselves who are seen throwing stones, breaking windows, and setting cars on fire….

Liberalism has been around a long time and has evolved, but this new strain of radical leftism is something new, and if the CDC could pinpoint its emergence, President Barack Obama would most likely be identified as Patient Zero.

Ignoring this new plague is like neglecting cholera; not the answer and only invites a global pandemic that will be much harder if not impossible to stop.  Cures such as revamping the high school and college curricula to incorporate American history and conservative ideas, the establishment of conservative mainstream media outlets, and efforts to promote traditional values within the entertainment industry are available, but the sooner, the better.

While conservatives are busy with raising families and working hard to create and maintain a functioning society, leftists are busy exploiting entitlements that give them the financial resources which allow them the time needed to plan against, protest, and fight conservative values.  Getting the country back into a healthy state is not a certainty, and the process will be a long uphill battle.  The first steps must be taken soon.


I concur with the author’s claim that Barack Obama deserves the blame for being the primary infectious agent of this new strain of radical leftism. As Patient Zero he was instrumental in the explosion of political correctness, projection, and hypocrisy that has seemingly infected everyone in the media, Hollywood, and academia. Obama’s enthusiastic embrace of attacks on free speech, law enforcement, gun rights, and a policy of welcoming illegal aliens, all aided in the spread of that infectious disease.

Now the country needs a political wonder drug to rid the country of the last vestiges of Obama’s epidemic infection of our United States.

President Trump has taken on a daunting challenge to be that policillin – if he can survive the viral attacks from the parasites aligned against him.

This may be a life or death battle for our United States as we’ve known it – our prognosis depends on President Trump inoculating the country from the disease left us by Patient Zero.


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