June 23, 2024

Many videos and articles detail how the planets in Leo and Virgo today match the Great Sign of Revelation 12 and the rapture or tribulation are due today.


I disagree…  and I recently commented on one article:

Though I see no reason to think anything will happen today, the common English interpretation of Matthew 24:36 is wrong – the original Greek verb “oiden” means “has known” and only refers to the past, as of the first century. Most, if not all date-setters are wrong – but it is possible to know later, and possibly someone could know by now.

Knowledge will increase, and we will know more as the end times approach. Also think of Jesus’ answer in terms of a WEDDING, in the ancient Jewish tradition. The groom went to his father’s house to build an addition to live in with his future wife. He could not know when the wedding would be, because until the father says the addition is ready, no wedding will occur. Only when the father says it’s ready can the son go get his bride. Back when Jesus commented on this timing, He had not yet even gone to His Father’s house to START the process (and Jesus had EMPTIED Himself of divine knowledge to become like a man, as described in Philippians 2:7)

So I argue we might be able to calculate dates today, even if no one has yet. Matthew 24:36 is simply misunderstood in the West much as Jesus was a “tekton” in Greek – a craftsman, a builder – in stone, not a carpenter.  Jesus was a STONEMASON.  When I was in Nazareth, the locals joked about all the “Jesus as Carpenter” art they sell to Western tourists, while telling me: “Look around, do you see anything built out of wood? Do you see any forests? Everything here is made of stone. All his metaphors compare Peter and the Church and Himself to stones and rocks and cornerstones…” But the KJV was translated in England where they built out of wood…

Getting back to your post – I think the astronomical alignment in Virgo today is not the Great Sign of Revelation 12, and that nothing too exciting will happen today – despite the fact that eventually there will be a meaningful sign we can predict ahead of time. I’m especially interested in how the skies play out a wedding ceremony during Hanukkah in December 2019

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