May 18, 2024

British Youtube realist Pat Condell tells it like it is: Islamic immigration is a huge threat to Europe, and European politicians have sold out their native populations.  He doesn’t seem to suggest its an organized plan or NWO conspiracy to bring Europe down, just monumental stupidity and naiveté.  I don’t see how so many nations commit national suicide simultaneously unless it is planned… Either way, goodbye democracy, free speech, women’s rights… hello Sharia Law.

“We are sleepwalking into disaster… We’ve opened the door to it… When do you think we’ll come to our senses and stop re-electing the criminals who are imposing this nightmare on Europe?”


In the video below, Pat spells out what is happening, and why, and what will soon follow.

Interestingly enough, Nostradamus did the same thing back in the year 1555.  His prophecies detailed the neglect and negligence and apathy of France, and Europe in general, opening a door to Islamic immigration and (soon) military invasion from North Africa and the Middle East.  Just wait for a crisis so big that all hell breaks loose.  Read:

Nostradamus And The Islamic Invasion Of Europe

and listen to Pat Condell in his video:


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