May 18, 2024

I almost used another article’s title:

French Election of Macron Says: Europe Doesn’t Have a Future

And while the French election provides a new example with recent details, there are similarities in Germany, Italy, and much of the rest of Europe.

Having already decided who should win the French election, French newspapers and media held out against the evil of relevant breaking news and made sure that the seemingly true leaks of Emmanuel Macron’s probable offshore bank accounts and tax evasion did nothing to affect his getting into office.


Macron is a Rothschild banking puppet, who without the support of a major French political party (just the financial assistance of the banking elite)


has run on the platform: You know those failed economic policies I started to implement under President Hollande?  Let me do them again, and this time they’ll work?

He is also against suspending the citizenship of jihadists, and keeps insisting, against all evidence, that Islamic State is not Islamic: “What poses a problem is not Islam, but certain behaviours that are said to be religious and then imposed on persons who practice that religion.”  Some of the hacked emails from two days ago detail Macron’s plans for the Islamization of France, including teaching more Arabic in schools, making it easier to build mosques, and encouraging more immigration.


Like many other “progressive” post-Europe-ans, Macron doesn’t acknowledge that there might be a French culture, or nation, or people to defend from any external threat.  And why should they care?  They are too busy “finding themselves” (in Macron’s case, in the arms of his teacher, who was a married mother aged 40 when he started with her as a student aged 15) to bother having inconvenient children and a stake in the future.  In this decision to not have children, Macron is no different than British PM Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte – all childless, and perhaps less concerned than most people about Europe’s future.

That gives me a segue onto the topic of Nostradamus prophecies, for the 16th century French prophet had much to say about French leadership in the critical early 21st century.  Nostradamus repeatedly warned that France (and the rest of Europe) would suffer through a huge wave of Middle Eastern and North African immigration, as precursor to a military invasion by an alliance of Islamic nations.  He blamed this future invasion of France not on French military weakness but on “negligence” and “neglect” on the part of French leadership.

As summarized in the awesome 10-second clip below:


I knew Marine Le Pen never stood a chance for this reason alone; Nostradamus mentioned negligence and neglect ruin France; therefore they would not elect Le Pen because she would have done something against France’s greatest external threat, and Nostradamus clearly said that won’t happen in time.  He warned that the French people will eventually turn against their legislators, but only after Middle Eastern immigration has made it seem like all hell has broken loose and it is too late.


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