October 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Video: Old Equator Crossed Giza, Angkor Wat, Nazca, Easter Island Before POLE SHIFT

  1. The problem with this theory is the near perfect alignment with north of the great pyramid which would not have been likely if it was the equator when it was built. It had defied any attempt at explanation friend. Especially if you consider that since that can not be the explanation that the only other explanation is that the ancients would have had to have had space travel capabilities. And even superior technology exceeding current science to have achieved the dimensions and their relations to astronomical and geometrical measurements as illustrated in the Great Pyramid and other monuments. Blatant attempts to pass knowledge from previous inhabitants to the next generation of scientists by people all to familiar with the fact that given the ability to destroy themselves earthlings would.

    Cheers Jeriel Horton

    1. It seems that the site of Giza was chosen and significant before the pole shift but that the pyramids we see today were aligned and finished after the shift – possibly as late as about 5,000 years ago, despite evidence for earlier site work going back much further.

  2. I see the cataclysm’s is due to the appearing of different calendars in worlds history. -Why would the ancient people be so interested to show it to us, thousands of years before? As the Mayan calendar does?
    And another thought, -have anyone concidered the constant moving of landmasses during this last 12500 years?

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