February 24, 2024

Allegedly: “Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was medically evacuated from Antarctica just a few weeks ago, and afterwards tweeted & deleted this bizarre (and possibly sarcastic) message: “We are all in danger.  It is evil itself.”  He attached a photo (similar to the one below) of an Antarctic mountain that looks a lot like a pyramid.


As a 33rd degree Mason, astronaut, and military officer – some have suggested that Buzz Aldrin is someone you might send in person to verify something extremely interesting if it made use of his past experience (many speculate what he saw on the moon) especially if it could be related to space technology, artifacts from an ancient human civilization (or aliens.)  Aldrin was at the South Pole around November 30, and was reported as being rushed home December 1.  Of course a story of medical quarantine also works if you want to keep someone away from the press, because Buzz Aldrin has dropped some interesting hints over the years.

In talking about the moon, he said in one interview: “I thought about how what I was looking at hadn’t changed for thousands of years.”  Why didn’t he say millions of years?  Did he think something, or someone, had made changes mere thousands of years ago?  Aldrin has allegedly been quoted on the topic of aliens on the moon but these quotes strike me as hoaxes.

But there are many even more important people making the strange trip to the South Pole recently as well.  “Secretary of State John Kerry made an unprecedented journey there for what appears to be a flimsy pretext, with a vague reference to concerns related to the climate change issue” on November 8, 2016 – the same day US elections would grab everyone’s attention and distract from any headlines of the strange whereabouts of the Secretary of State.  After Kerry returned to America he suggested a 35 year ban on private tourism taking visitors to Antarctica.  The distance and climate already keeps Antarctic tourism to a minimum.  Why would further bans be needed?

A few months earlier, Russian Patriarch Kirill, leader of Russia’s Eastern Orthodox Church, visited Antarctica for no apparent reason, just a few days after an urgent meeting with Pope Francis – the first such meeting since the year 1054.  Around the same time US Intelligence director James Clapper flew at least to New Zealand, and rumor suggests – to see something in Antarctica.  (There are also unsubstantiated rumors that Obama went there this year after visiting Argentina.)  The Australian Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, visited Antarctica November 18, 2016.  (December 19 update: The Moscow Times just reported that Vladimir “Putin would make the visit at the height of the Antarctic summer in January” 2017.

Putin to Visit Antarctica

It could all be meaningless.  But I can’t help noticing a resemblance between the photo above and the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt:


And it is interesting to see many high-profile people at the South Pole for no clear reason. Since I believe evidence has been or will be discovered there proving that an advanced civilization thrived on Antarctica over 10,000 years ago before the last major POLE SHIFT relocated the continent to its current uninhabitable latitude (see evidence in this book) I would not be surprised if governments were hiding something there from us.

Other people talk about airbrushed Google Earth images, crashed UFOs and secret Nazi bases – even portals to a hollow earth, an ice wall surrounding a flat earth, even stargates – but I assume these stories are disinformation to distract reasonable researchers from the evidence that parts of Antarctica had ice-free, flowing rivers as recently as 6,000 years ago – that the myths of many ancient peoples claim their ancestral homeland (Atlantis?) was originally there – that penguins stubbornly return to raise young in an attachment to a land they could not have evolved in under current climate conditions – and that ancient maps like the Piri Reis map show the continent as it was known before the ice covered it – presumably because thousands of years ago, the continent was not centered on the South Pole, and an amazing chapter of ancient history is being intentionally hidden from us – presumably because governments know that what happened before (POLE SHIFTS) will happen again sooner than you want to know – and they want to prepare for it in secret.

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