March 1, 2024


Anyone who cares has known for years that Obama’s certificate of live birth from the State of Hawaii is a fake with multiple layers photoshopped together.  (In my last book I suggested that the significance of WHERE and WHEN he was really born is being covered up.)  The woman who released the alleged birth certificate died under mysterious circumstances as detailed in this article:

Obama Birth Certificate Shocker: Evidence that Deceased Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy Was Paid Off?

Now in December 2016 new articles are coming out making it sound like the investigation is ongoing – with new results and conclusions and admissions – but is it really just the same tired conspiracy material as a few years ago?  I thought at first that any new articles might just be from known hoax sites – World News Daily, etc… But even USA today has recently done articles on new developments:

And as described in this article:

Shocker: Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged: “But Eligibility’s A Separate Matter”

“…the question isn’t settled for investigators who have been conducting a five-year probe of the birth certificate they claim is a forgery – complete with photoshop layers!

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, headed by the outgoing Sheriff Joe Arpaio, found, via WND:

A years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate image that Barack Obama released during a White House news conference during his first term and presented to the American people as an official government document concluded it is “fake.”


The sheriff’s video said there were nine images on the Obama birth certificate that appear to be identical to, and copied from, another birth certificate issued in Hawaii just days after his birth. That certificate belongs to Johanna Ah’nee.


“The inescapable conclusion is that the Hawaii Department of Health has not shown the American public the original 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, if they actually exist,” he said.

Clearly, the mainstream media will continue to cast doubt and ridicule on these claims.

But it isn’t for lack of substance, but for fear that these dangerous issues could be raised. A Republican controlled Congress, however, could revive the issue again. That much remains to be seen.

So what does it all mean? According to Jerome Corsi, WND writer and author of Where’s the Birth Certificate?:

“That President Obama’s birth certificate is fake, as proven now by a legitimate law enforcement examination raises serious questions that high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed at the highest level of government. The clear conclusion is that the Obama presidency may have been illegitimate, having violated Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. Impeachment procedures may be required, even if those procedures are conducted after Obama leaves office.”

Sheriff Arpaio indicated his intent to raise Congressional hearings and put forward a law requiring presidential vetting (obviously a good idea):

“I plan on turning over this investigation this month to the federal government. And Congress. And hope Congress No. 1 will pass a law, the president should be vetted. Common sense.

Meanwhile, the powers that be are claiming that the Arpaio posse investigation doesn’t matter.

What makes these matters even more interesting is that Obama lawyers have apparently admitted that the document is a fake – and went so far as to argue that the fake document, therefore, was not sufficient to disprove Obama’s eligibility for the highest office.”


“Taking an audacious and shocking angle against the constitutional eligibility mandate, Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.

Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate.”

Basically, the leaked document, never officially produced as proof of anything, is meaningless.  While it doesn’t prove he was born in Hawaii, as an unofficial fake, it doesn’t disprove or prove anything.  I still say it could prove very meaningful to know WHEN (and where) Obama was really born – and that we would understand his true motivations if we knew.  Of course, I could be wrong in my conclusions….

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