June 23, 2024


It isn’t just a surge of Mexicans crossing into the United States’ southern border illegally.  The number of illegals from the rest of Latin America, Cuba, Haiti, Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and other nations has been soaring.  It may not be as bad as this YouTube video depicts:

Swarm of “African Migrants” appear in Tijuana, Mexico; Being crossed over to U.S.

But it is definitely on the rise, if you compare how many people try to enter illegally from individual countries… 90% increases, 800% increases, 14,000% increases – as this video describes:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJWJ_AD4yvI&w=720&h=430]

Year over year, and month over month, there is a surge of illegal immigrants recently – perhaps in anticipation of “getting in” before the deadline of Trump’s inauguration.  Obama’s policies – immigration and otherwise – seem to come from the perspective of someone who hates everything America used to be, and is determined to destroy it from within.  Some say it’s because Obama is secretly Muslim, or communist, or the Antichrist.  Regardless of Obama’s motives, he is definitely perceived as VERY friendly to allowing illegal immigration; Trump is not.


I understand why the individuals are coming – there is a gravy train of welfare money awaiting the average illegals, and as for those intending to commit acts of terrorism – well we understand why they’re coming too.  But what organizations are getting tens of thousands of these people to Mexico?  Which intelligence agencies and national governments are behind it?  Why are they doing it?  Is their goal to help the global poor, or to help destroy the United States?  How are they getting into and through Mexico, which has some of the most strict immigration policies in the world?  And what will soon to be President Trump *REALLY* do about it?

The best idea I have heard – is to take existing immigration laws seriously, and make the mayors of sanctuary cities within the US aware that they could go to jail for ten years for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.


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