June 23, 2024

via Daily Prompt: Vanish


(the image above is an ancient underwater complex found off the western tip of CUBA)

Civilizations across the globe have legends and myths of powerful empires that have vanished without a trace – or at least, without enough evidence to prove they existed.  Although Homer’s legends of Troy were eventually proven as real after over 2,000 years – the evidence pointing to an Atlantis existing over 12,000 years ago has not been enough to prove its existence to the masses.


I believe the reason for stories of a great flood and an advanced civilization that existed it a former age before it vanished can be explained the same way Ice Ages and several other “mysteries” can be explained – by catastrophic, periodic, and predictable POLE SHIFTS – in which the surface of the earth is suddenly reoriented.  The Egyptians, the Maya, and many other ancient cultures describe the last pole shift – and what their ancestors did to survive – in great detail.  The Bible offers some pole shift references which are pretty obvious, such as Isaiah 24:1 – “The Lord lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.” Many other verses tell us of an age before the flood.

I give some evidence for pole shifts in the article linked above; and even more in my book: End Times and 2019 – so named because I believe the evidence warns that the next event is due in December 2019, and if we don’t prepare for the next event, America and the current world as we know it may also vanish without much of a trace.

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