May 18, 2024

British Youtube commentator Pat Condell rants gloriously and intelligently as he always does, pointing out liberal flaws and lies regarding the American election process, immigration, and globalism in “America’s Moment Of Truth.”  Obvious truths mentioned:

Obama struggles to name, let alone fight against, Islamic terrorism.

Donald Trump is a necessary antidote to the political corruption and cronyism in both parties.

Trump seems to say what he thinks; Hillary admits having separate public and private opinions.

Trump seems to care about America and its borders; Hillary supports open borders (failing in Europe)

“CNN couldn’t be more partisan if they held ‘Stop Trump!’ signs.”

The American media is a Democratic Party mouthpiece, and deceives the people in Hillary’s favor.

Trump’s popular anti-establishment support came with BOTH political parties opposing him.

Trump communicates in plain language about REALITY, not progressive idealism.

The political establishment and the mainstream media hold the American public in contempt.

Trump is America’s last and best chance to take down the corrupt, self-serving establishment.


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