June 24, 2024

Wikileaks tens of thousands of released emails have uncovered many crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and many other Democratic officials – so many, so systemic – that many diehard liberal voters won’t vote for Hillary – or the Democrats – anymore.  I have even heard one say that voting Democrat would be aiding and abetting criminals.

But in addition to all the uncovered crimes, there are some interesting comments about intentionally keeping the population stupid and uninformed, because that is how the Democratic Party wins elections.

I don’t know how anyone who has watched any news in recent weeks – even the mainstream media biased so heavily in Hillary’s favor is sick of the facts – how can anyone still support Hillary?

And by the way, isn’t it interesting that it is now known it was not the Russians who hacked the DNC and got these damning emails – it was our own NSA, acting patriotically to SAVE America (from Hillary.)

FBI director Comey didn’t prosecute Hillary, many say, because he was paid off and scared of being bumped off.  Yet he said if anyone else had done these things, they would be fired and prosecuted.

Are you ignorant enough to vote for such a criminal?

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