May 18, 2024

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

I have written many times about a POLE SHIFT that will rearrange the surface orientation of the Earth, ending our current civilization and allowing for a new golden age, as has occurred many times before.  We can look at the national borders in the Middle East and see how the straight lines drawn by the British and French after World War I have divided the land with no regard for Sunnis or Shiites or Kurds or a variety of other identities that prefer to have a nation for their own kind of people… But we rarely think of the United States as politically unstable or likely to be rearranged into separate nations.  Psychics have drawn maps from their dream-visions of a future America with submerged coasts and a new body of water from the Hudson Bay through the Great Lakes – down a much wider Mississippi Valley that separates what remains of America in two… And I had my own dream years ago in which I was a child again, in a classroom in the distant future somewhere around Oklahoma – looking at a map of North America in which my region was one of six nations where the United States had once been – and the class was being taught in Spanish… One way or another, by pole shift or war or demographic change, the world is likely to be rearranged in our lifetime.  Acquire the skills that allow you to adapt to change.

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