May 18, 2024

While I don’t share filmmaker Michael Moore’s liberal ideology, I respect that he has always empathized with and understood the needs of the average working class citizen.  He is not happy about the likelihood of Donald Trump’s presidential bid succeeding in two weeks – but Moore understands that the established elite has screwed the average citizen so savagely that their only hope is to vote for someone anti-establishment.

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A Hillary Clinton presidency – if the powers that be rig the vote to claim she wins – will be more of the same corruption, cronyism, and above-the-law criminality we have seen for years, taken to a more extreme level that will help destroy what little is left of America’s greatness and prepare us for a humbled and less dominant role in a New World Order.  If that is what you want, by all means cast your vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump, if the establishment allows him to achieve anything, seems to want to end the corruption and abuse inherent in a system that is so clearly no longer serving the people, but merely protecting the elite from the people.

From what I hear, honest poll data not paid for by a Clinton Political Action Committee shows Trump way ahead.  If voting isn’t rigged I think he will win, if for no other reason than he is so clearly the lesser evil.  But how will the greater evils in power respond?  Here is how many people see it unfolding in November:

Trump is allowed to win the election.

Massive urban rioting is allowed/encouraged/instigated.  Cities in chaos.

Martial Law is declared.  Power is consolidated.

De facto dictatorship and no change to a new president Trump in January is possible.

The widespread expectation of such extreme events in November has nothing to do with my interpretation of prophecy – but it could, unfortunately, play out much like I have expected.

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