June 24, 2024

Where is the mainstream media outrage over the voter fraud and other Democratic activist crimes caught on video by Project Veritas recently?  Oh, right, they’re too busy sucking up to Hillary and hoping that they can help destroy everything that once made America great…

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FBI and DoJ are ignoring evidence of crimes in Project Veritas Action videos, American Thinker, Thomas Lifson, October 3, 2016

Ahem, where is the criminal investigation of apparent crimes, conspiracies to violate the civil rights of Trump supporters, and possibly riot, for starters?  And where is the media clamor to get to the bottom of this frightening perversion of democracy?  People were hurt in the near-riot at the Trump rally in Chicago, and their right to assemble negated by a conspiracy. The media are completely uninterested in asking any questions.

J. Christian Adams is one of my heroes. He resigned his career at the Justice Department on principle and now is a crusader. On Fox & Friends, he spoke frankly:

 Look, if this was a tea party group coordinating with the Trump campaign to incite violence at Clinton rallies or NAACP events or whatever, we know exactly what would be happening. This would be Justice Department fully investigating this for civil rights violations and all sorts of things. This is a Justice Department and an FBI that is dolling out justice based on your politics. If you support Clinton, if you are Clinton, you can engage in all sorts of misbehavior without consequence. If you are the IRS commissioner or an attorney general who is held in criminal contempt, he would give you a pass. You don’t face justice under this administration. (snip)

It feels like a rigged system. So you have got this operative Bob Creamer who is clearly in with the White House, 300 visits. I have had none. And then he is on tape saying we’re inciting violence at rallies. No accountability. What in a perfect world, non-rigged world, what happens to Bob creamer?

Spare me the rhetoric about “doctored” tapes and James O’Keefe’s criminal conviction for entering a senator’s office under false pretenses in the course of his investigative journalism. If Hollywood were magically switched 180 degrees to pervasive conservatism, there would already be a caper movie deal starring a hot male lead, the shenanigans generating many a knowing chuckle as the real crooks, the politicians and their minions,  are brought to public light, and then retaliate with criminal prosecution of the hero.

The FBI can subpoena all 40 hours of the uncut recordings and examine them for evidence of these crimes, and already would be doing so were Trump supporters involved. All they need to do is ask for a grand jury. In the corrupt Obama/Lynch Justice Department, so it will never happen.”

I commented:

The Democratic activists seem both evil and sworn to destroy the America we knew by any means necessary. Their support for Hillary, despite the many obvious crimes she has committed, seems psychotic and delusional to me. Trump is clearly the lesser evil, and if the media were honest instead of the equivalent of a PAC for the democratic party, we would see true poll numbers reflecting a coming landslide for Trump – not because he is a great statesman but because he represents populist disgust with cronyism and corruption so rampant within the self-serving establishment on both sides.
This election process is like a peaceful civil war so far; after a winner is declared, legitimately or not, I fear we could have something more like a real civil war, with unrest leading to martial law, and conveniently, dictatorship…

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