February 26, 2024

As this article at Zerohedge.com details:

“On Tuesday afternoon, a joint NBC/WSJ poll revealed the first official polling results following Sunday’s contentious debate. It found that in a 4 way race, Hillary Clinton held on to a 9 point lead over Donald Trump, with the support of 46% of likely voters, while Trump has 37%, Gary Johnson has 8%.”

BUT this is merely a reflection of the skewed percentages of those polled, for example: “the representation of those polled was notably skewed, leaning significantly to the left, with 43% Democrat and Democrat leaners, 36% Republican and Republican leaners, and 12% strictly Independents.”  A second poll shows a similar skew going in: “Democrat and Democrat leaners 44%, Republican and Republican leaners 37%, Independents 12%.”

Why such biased numbers in the poll samples?

Perhaps because the polls are done by Hart Research, which is run by Geoff Garin, a strategic advisor for the election campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  OK so he’s a biased pollster, obviously a Democrat and literally working for Hillary.  But just voluntarily, right?  It’s not like he gets paid by Hillary to influence public opinion, right?


So through the Super PAC, team Hillary has paid Hart Research over $220,000 in September alone!  Hardly an unbiased source of polling data.  I think the reality is that most people realize Hillary’s criminal behavior and that Trump would win a fair election, if the nation is allowed to have one.  Of course I suspect that economic collapse and war may be used to justify no election at all, but that even if there is an election, it will probably use Diebold voting machines with lots of Hillary votes pre-loaded before “voting” begins.

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