February 26, 2024

Pope Francis: Traitor To Western Civilization?


In this article at Zerohedge.com: Pope Francis: Traitor To Western Civilization? The writer reviews the clearly anti-Catholic-church-position positions this “pope” has stated on everything from the existence (or non-existence) of God to birth control and abortion to the equality of all religions to the existence of extra-terrestrials.  The writer focuses on Francis’ insistence that Europe absorb millions of Muslim immigrants.  And from his Marxist perspective, why not?  If aliens exist there is nothing special about humans, if God may not exist there is nothing special about religion, if all religions are equal (equally worthless, perhaps he is suggesting) then why think Catholicism or Christianity is superior or right… So if everything is equal, every viewpoint equal, every culture equally good (or bad), and European Christendom equally worthless – why do anything to maintain its traditions?  Why not allow a great expansion of Islamic power and influence and immigration to destroy what once was European?

Now you may or may not agree with some or all of Francis’ postmodern cultural Marxism.  He may be RIGHT on some points.  My point is that he doesn’t represent the Catholic Church, and acts as a traitor to what IT stands for.


So Francis may belong at the podium teaching a class at a typically liberal university – but should he head the Catholic Church, when his actions undo it?  He reminds me of a certain president who seems to disrespect what his nation once stood for, and seems to undo and reduce its greatness purposefully.

The Zerohedge article writer says:

“Conclusion: If Western Civilization is to be salvaged, those who seek its destruction must be removed from their positions of authority and influence.  Whether through political means, armed revolt, or de-legitimization, those who hold such power must be toppled.  Exposing “Pope Francis” for what he is, or is not, will go a long way in that most vital and necessary task.”

I don’t advocate violence or assassinations; honestly I still suspect Francis is the False Prophet of end times Bible prophecy… and that a certain president may yet prove to be the Antichrist within a few months… At a minimum, what those two do with their positions seems traitorous to the institutions they “lead.”  If they really are the Antichrist and the False Prophet – they CANNOT be assassinated or removed; their roles must play out as prophecy describes.  But that would also mean that soon we will see the destruction of Damascus, a Russian army attacking Israel from the north, the military expansion of the kings of the east on the Euphrates, economic collapse, world war, and massive population reduction.

Is it hard to believe, or do you see it happening?  You know what I suggest in my books.

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