February 26, 2024


I remember my first trip to Europe about 25 years ago… and being amazed that the smallest beer at Munich’s Hofbrauhaus was 1 liter (half a 2 liter soda bottle) but there wasn’t any mass immigration from the Middle East and there were not constant stories of rape or sexual assault by migrants…  Not that there are in this German story either – the German media – and European press in general – are very politically correct, quietly committing national suicide by allowing, encouraging, and ignoring the elephant in the room, the Trojan Horse of millions of migrants that don’t seem to be assimilating well or adding great value to their host nations…

As reported in Germany here: https://www.thelocal.de/20161004/oktoberfest-sees-lowest-number-of-visitors-in-15-years

“About 5.6 million people visited Munich’s Oktoberfest – also known as Wiesn – which ended on Monday. This was a drop of 300,000 compared to the previous year and the lowest number of visitors since the September 11th 2001 attacks in the US….

For the first time in the fest’s more than 200-year history, organizers put in place entrance checks for everyone going into the festival grounds.

As the number of visitors dropped this year, so did the overall amount of crime, with a decrease of 15 percent compared to last year.

But there was a higher amount of sexual crimes: 31 were reported to police this year, compared to 21 in 2015.”

Gee, I wonder why fear was up, security was up, attendance was down, overall crime was down, yet sex crimes were up about 50%… Could the key factor be all the Muslim immigrants that have been pouring into Germany (and the rest of Europe) and raping and sexually assaulting European women in record numbers?

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