February 25, 2024

Peter Schiff has been predicting economic collapse for many years – any search for his name on Youtube brings up titles like:

Peter Schiff: This Collapse Will Be Worse Than The Great Depression

Peter Schiff: Something Worse Than The Great Depression Is Imminent And There’s No Way Out

ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE in 2016? Peter Schiff Says Prepare For Coming Collapse

He rightly blames failed government policies for bankrupting America and explains why trade deficits and low interest rates and overprinting new money into creation will lead to hyperinflation and dollar collapse “soon.”

Jim Rogers has been putting out warnings too, warning that high debts require low interest rates or the governments couldn’t pay the interest on their debts – but this leads to mal-investments that make no sense under normal interest rate conditions… and more importantly, there is no way out – governments cannot ever raise rates therefore normal economic functions can never return until the current system crashes and burns:

JIM ROGERS says Get Prepared, Imminent Collapse Going To Be Worse Than 2008

Jim Rogers: What’s coming will be ‘worse than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes

Gerald Celente blames greed and corruption (Wall Street and Washington in bed together) a little more than others but still reaches the same conclusions on imminent economic collapse:

Gerald Celente 2016 Crash Will be Worse than 2008, History Will Remember

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former assistant Secretary of the Treasury) warns that today’s economic problems are way worse than during previous times of crisis.


Martin Armstrong warns that Europe in particular is built on a faulty financial system – and that as the entire West collapses, the powers that be will do anything to change the rules rather than the flawed system (which benefits them) by eliminating cash and maximizing digital control, to where “you will not be able to buy or sell anything without the approval of the government.” (That – of course – sounds a lot like the economic system Bible prophecy warns will be in effect in the end times.)

Martin Armstrong Why The Next Major Economic Collapse Is Rapidly Approaching 2016 2017

Jim Willie has also been warning of economic collapse for years, explains that long ago the financial system helped capital growth – they loaned money to build new productive enterprises like factories… but that now all the financial system does is rescue itself from the failures of its own greed and mismanagement.  Monetary policy is no longer designed to help middle America produce – it is designed to perpetuate a broken system of financial engineering:

CLIMAX OF COLLAPSE JULY 2016 – Jim Willie 2016

“a deadly feedback loop” that eventually crushes the big banks…

Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98% And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Collapse 2016-2019: When Will the Recession Start? Deutsche Bank’s Disturbing Answer!

Of course the years in the video title above reminds me some of my own book titles:

Antichrist 2016-2019   End Times and 2019

as I have long been predicting economic collapse, martial law, dictatorship, and quite literally all hell to break loose between 2016-2019.  What have you done to prepare?



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