March 25, 2023

39 thoughts on “WRONG! I was wrong, and have never been happier to be wrong

  1. David,

    I have followed your work with great interest. I am the last one that would ever point a finger and say you’re wrong or you missed it.

    I am encouraging you to go to and check out the work of Richard Kendrick. I believe you will find the missing pieced there.

    Please pray first for understanding

    I look forward to hearing more for you.


    Donna Wxxxxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx – cell


      1. You can find me at and your timeline is more popular in Britain than in the US as that is where it all plays off. I can tell you much, please get in touch. Grace

    1. You were not wrong. It did all start with the sun moon and venus alignment in Gemini on 6/6/2016, you were wrong in looking at state heads and famous counterparts for the play off. I have lived this timeline directly, ending the rise of our King summer solstice in full moon illumination of 20/6, with donut at taurus in e-scale, Sun Man Messiah aka Superman. From 6/6 it was the 2 weeks of judgement in the Apocalypse but demons have deferred it. Please get in touch with me and I will tell you more, but no, as a start date you were not wrong.

  2. God bless you David you meant well & I wish you all the best for the future. I do still believe in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ whenever that will be.

  3. David I have found your research to be very interesting reading & am sorry to see your predictions not come to pass. However I still think you are a well meaning person who only did what you thought was right. I wish you all the best for the future & want you to know that I still look forward to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ whenever that will be. May God bless you & your family.

  4. Hi David. Please know that there those of us who are grateful that you went to the trouble of painstakingly researching this topic and publishing your books. The conclusions you came to were rationally argued and never beyond the realms of possibility. I still believe that preparatory events are occurring behind the scenes at this time with a greater urgency that ever before. The signs in the heavens a prelude to their manifestation. As someone who had been alienated from Christianity for almost 20 years your books have helped me find my way back. Not only myself but members of my family. Great will be your reward. God bless.

  5. David,
    Although you may have been wrong in these circumstances, it has only strengthened my faith in Christ. Had I not read your book Antichrist 2016-2019, I would not have been so vocal about Jesus Christ our saviour on news forums, whereas before I would stay silent in the shadows not wanting to express my faith in fear of condemnation. I brought his name forward in a way I know that made people think differently about things, including the American Presidential Campaign, Israel-Palestine conflict and many other domestic issues back home.
    I honestly feel that my relationship with the Lord has grown even stronger through your passion and BELIEF of Christ which enabled me to research further for my own self.
    I don’t dismiss anything that happens in this world, and questions need to be asked, just like you did. The Lord gave you strength and you achieved your goal of making people aware. You are humble in the outcome, but it takes faith to do what you did. It’s a great result David! I’m thankful for people like yourself.
    We need to keep asking and questioning things whether we believe it or not.

    Matthew 7:7-8
    7. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
    8. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

    God Bless


      1. David…We still have eight days of June left…Lucifer IS coming…this year for sure…hold fast to what you have.

  6. Hi David sir hope you fine back home. God bless you. Have to say very clearly you were never wrong, yes it may sound absurd and childish and I am nothing as compared to the writer scholar you are, but somtimes novices no more than what is their to show, yes I firmly believe turbulent times have started.
    See people have to understand what you have discovered is absolutely true but it’s not going to happen the exact day and time as it reveals, because then we wouldn’t have to look for GOD anywhere beyond you.
    Mark my words your hard work is not going to be lost in sand of times, it’s too important and relevance in days of times and within a few days and months things will start moving in a direction where it should be as per the findings.
    I no you are relieved that no damage has been done, but majority of the world already is suffering and that damage is important to get them rid of the pain. People who live in America and Europe may be having a wonderful life but they don’t complete the world.
    Anyways thanks David sir for enlightening people with your sincere efforts, and such efforts cannot just be forgotten and even GOD will take notice. Pleasure to be associated by you and hopefully you just don’t put an end to your research because any clues are still to be unearthed.

  7. Sir I no you may not publish my comments on the Pope, as I understand fully how people skeptics etc are ready to pounce on any new move you make.
    Actually I have been working since 1and half year . on my documentry on AFTERLIFE, and in between My friends death made me venture into territories where I might not have.
    As I went through the process of finding answers on life beyond,I met scholars prophecy doctors learnt crystal gazing myself, read books like laws of the spirit world hope you check that book in which in 1980 a mother contacted her two sons spirit, it’s on YouTube too and who in detail gave account of the shift etc and world war that would eventually take place, Also dying to be me etc came in contact with my friends spirit through crystal gazing and still am. Actually their is a very thin line between spirituality and superstition.
    But what really broadened my horizon was when I read your books that led to make me understand that it’s all interelated.
    I also met the SSRF organisation and have published their finding, also the finding by you are almost pointing the same.
    Also skeptics may not believe but spirit of my friend says that though she does not no of God’s plans but she knows that negativity is going rule now.
    David sir also you too no somewhere down in your heart of hearts that Pope said what you had said is same.
    I no David sir you may not like to publish my controversial point, but hopefully if you get time do reply on my email, I want to no what you really feel, because so much hard work you have put on, can’t just be washed away. Please David sir do reply and it’s not that I am obsessed or looking for destruction it’s just that I can’t digest that a person who gave his precious time and sweat on a particular thing his findings would become null all of a sudden, and my gut says it’s not possible and I am never wrong.
    Pleasure to be associated by you and hopefully to continue.

  8. One more thing sir SSRF organisation also says your findings are on the right track and 1percent of here and their it happens as per time frame, they say a big earthquake is coming in Pakistan and jammu kashmir.
    And a news came last week in Indian leading papers that scientists have warned the jammu kashmir chief minister that be ready as earthquake is going to hit the region hope backup is at place, which is the biggest problem in developing countries as till calamities strike no1 cares.
    Sir the death of ISI head in a drone attack, I feel they are going to retaliate big time, maybe it’s a sign of the things to come

  9. I had only stumbled upon this a short time ago. Nonetheless, it was with some amusement that I followed your prediction. I also have a friend who feels a similar way, and who is a follower of a flat earth concept. I won’t go into that philosophy but to say that I disagree with it. It is in my opinion wrong to make predictions as to when the end of times will come simply based upon the word of God, as I am sure you have seen in the New Testament. I won’t bore you with the reasons, but to say that now, after you have made this one mistake, you have been shown to be not a true prophet, and so I hope that you won’t make any future predictions as to the end of the world. This of course does not disqualify you from teaching for the Bible. We can still learn many things from you, if you stay on the things that you can prove and away from the things which are speculative.

    1. I never claimed to be a prophet, I offered some evidence and a theory. As for the NT reference, perhaps Matthew 24:36, which I wrote about at length, describing why the original Greek verb “oiden” only precludes past knowledge, and does not rule out future knowledge. See other posts if interested after my own not knowing the details correctly.

      1. Dear David, I am writing this in some embarrassment as after I read what I had originally written, I must say how sorry I was that I responded so quickly and harshly. I was not in a good state of mind at that point, which is not an excuse, however, I do wish to apologize for my rash response. I will look more into your reasoning about why you seem to feel that it precludes past knowledge only. I will say that I am cautious when confronted with those who make claims that certain events are set to unfold based upon Biblical passages. Until another time, be well, and thank you.

  10. Hello David,

    I have read your books and was interested to see how things would play out. You helped confirm my suspicions that there must be modern day “wise men” who are using astronomical data to determine the season of Christ’s Second Coming. I wrote to Rick Larson (The Star of Bethlehem) years ago to ask this very thing. I too believe we are approaching the last 1260 days, although I am not certain of the exact date. Bible prophecy is a very tricky thing…interpretations vary widely (historicist vs. futurist and symbolic vs. literal).

    I tend to lean toward the idea that some prophecies are dual fulfillment, the first being symbolic/historic and the next being literal/future. Just as with the birth pangs of labor, the initial fulfillment may be more spread out, becoming closer together and more intense in the end. It is my understanding that although the first 1260 days were actual years fulfilled by the RCC, the last 1260 literal days may be fulfilled through the NWO and/or Islam (which originated out of Rome…remember, the statue in Daniel had two legs of iron, representing the dual nature of the Roman empire – Western and Eastern). I am looking for something to possibly occur with the Vatican this year, ending their 1260 year temporal reign (756 AD – 2016 AD). If not ending it altogether, perhaps morphing it into something else?

    When studying these topics, I find it is most imperative to know WHO the key players are as well as their origins. Most Christians today have no idea who Israel is (the 10 so-called “lost” tribes). Note: I am not referring to the literal nation established in 1948 (although I do believe it relates to the fig tree parable and the generation which sees that event occur will see the return of Christ). If one does not know who God’s true servant people are, they also lose sight of their true enemy. I refer to Revelation 3:9. Yes, as politically incorrect as it is to say, I believe this “Synagogue of Satan” controls the money system as well as the worlds’ major religious institutions and secret societies from behind the curtain.

    2016/5776 has been on my radar for a while (since I was a teenager, over 20 years ago), which is why I had to get your books. For more reasons than I can list here, I too believe these next few years will prove to be life changing, one way or another. Of course, you have already discovered a most valuable truth which most Christians in this generation are unaware of…that is the appearance of a false messiah PRIOR to the return of Yeshua (naturally, the 6th trump shall precede the 7th). That alone is worth reading your books.

    You are also to be praised for doing another thing most Christians do not…taking the time to read the book of Revelation and sounding an alarm to a bride who presently appears to be in a coma, something Jesus declares you will be blessed for doing (Rev. 1:3). No one should lose their faith over a missed projection (you never claimed to be a prophet or have a vision from the Lord, nor do I). I am happy to see you haven’t lost yours and hope you continue to discern the times we are living in. So, hold your head high, continue to seek answers and may Christ be with you and yours.


  11. David, don’t sweat it. Your research was amazing, in-depth, and logical. I actually increased my preps because of purchasing and reading your books.

    Now, have you read the article and watched the embedded videos from, before its news dot com? Its titled, “Putin and Netanyahu Make Deal For a Two State Solution-Pax Judaica is Birthed.” Dated June 11, 2016.

    Take a look and be encouraged. I don’t think you were as wrong as it appears on the surface. Stay strong and keep the Faith! And continue pointing others to the Cross.

    By His Grace Alone,

  12. Is this a sign of 3and half years of turbulent – orlando attack killing 50 people by a person named OMAR a self confessed ISIS supporter.
    The new commander of taliban has vowed today to create havoc on the western world and Europe, and said their men have entered all across wherever they wanted.
    Maybe ANTICHRIST is not one but many within us.

  13. Nevertheless your studies are very precious. Maybe it is an idea to use the hebrew calendar. Or to compare your results in the two types of calendars, the hebrew and the gregorian calendar. In my opinion this would be very interesting.

  14. Upon further thought (see above post), you might want to consider doing what Drew Simmons did. He had also come up with a June 6 date, coupled with Elijah showing up beforehand. When Elijah didn’t, Drew took his book “Quenched Like a Wick” off the market. That was a mark of integrity, I thought. Honorable.
    You might want to withdraw your book or at least offer it at a basement-bargain price so we could learn from your mistake.
    That is, if you really believe you were wrong.

    1. My book is basically only available through Amazon, so I put a disclaimer there after June 6, saying that most of my signs pointed to June 6, which has passed uneventfully, but if you still want the book anyway, proceed knowing that I appear to be substantially incorrect on that timing.

      1. Wow, I just checked the book intro potential viewers would all see, and my June update did not take. I was about to cut and paste it here, but it isn’t there to copy. 2-3 business days for changes, they said – it’s been waaaaaay longer already. Maybe they don’t want me to shoot my book sales in the foot – but I’ll try submitting a disclaimer again now.

        1. This is what I just submitted (it will take some time to show on Amazon):

          Bible prophecies describe the beginning, middle, and end of the final seven years of the world as we know it. Dramatic events slowly increase in intensity for the first three and a half years until 2016, when the Antichrist takes the spotlight and the pace of events accelerates. In End Times and 2019, Montaigne focuses on the end of the 7 years – in December 2019. Antichrist 2016-2019 is focused on WHEN the Antichrist is revealed, WHERE his home kingdom of Mystery Babylon is, and WHO will be revealed as the Antichrist.*June 2016 Update* – the June 6 date that fit my timeline and theory best has passed – uneventfully. While I have dozens of surprisingly positive emails and blog comments supporting the value of my book (helping people understand, bringing them closer to Christ, motivating them, etc.) despite June 6 passing uneventfully – it is only fair to point that out to potential readers that my interpretation is at least partially wrong – as you consider purchasing this book.

  15. Dude, don’t sweat it.

    After purchasing and reading both of you books, I promptly began working on my preps. Your research was well thought out, in depth, and based upon logic and reason. I, too, have been drawn closer to Jesus Christ because of reading these works.

    Don’t quit. Keep the Faith. And keep on pointing people to the Cross.

  16. David, it seems to me that there are way too many coincidences in play here for your work on this subject to not have a degree of accuracy, especially astronomically speaking. You presented a very convincing case.

    I would be interested in your analysis after the fact as whether you view any of your conclusions as erroneous, and why. It would seem that things dovetailed together so well that your work should not be entirely discounted, even though things did not start on the date you had calculated. There’s a lot of evidence that adds up too well.

    Do you plan to refine your research, or are you going to step away for a while?

  17. Hi David, i am an asian and not very good in speaking english, a have read a lot of your article. I myself had been keeping an eye about june 6,im sorry it did not came to pass. I have faith in you. I know its going to happen very very soon. Symptoms were there, we just dont know the exact date. I do believe,just like you do, that Our Beloved God is soon to come.. I’ll pray for you David. And your family of course. God Bless Us All.

  18. I am glad you chose to speak up about what you studied and respect that you chose to do so knowing the risk of such things. You never claimed to be a prophet. I am also glad you were wrong about this specific item. Lets not let that detract from the big picture …the topic, our preparation, our accumulation of understanding,etc. I look forward to see where you apply yourself next. Best wishes.

  19. Theories keeping everything relevant –
    My one f the many theories of June 6th is that had it not been so elaborately highlighted and brought to evey1s notice, maybe the so called ANTICHRIST would have acted and no1 would have pointed at him, but since it was in public domain as to WHO DONE IT , such incident would have had severe ramifications, so maybe it’s not happening is his agenda for the time being.
    Maybe DAVID sir has knowingly of unknowingly saved a big catastrophic event and SATAN has to change his plans or on flip side postponed GOD’S arrival as per 2019 when it should.

    1. Thanks for the respect for my timeline and theory – but I think there is ZERO chance that a relatively unknown author like me could throw a monkey wrench in SATAN’s plans causing any delays to him at all, let alone the impossibility of my writings postponing GOD’s arrival – whether it happens in 2019 when I still expect it or not – no mortal is going to interrupt or delay GOD’s plans. The simplest and most likely scenario is that I was wrong. The second most likely scenario is that something major did happen “on schedule” but the world doesn’t know it yet.

      It could be like the birth of Christ – a huge prophetic event; yet the population of Israel didn’t know it happened for years. Persian astronomers – the magi or wise men – they knew the ancient traditions/signs to watch for because Daniel and other learned Jews in Babylonian captivity brought their wisdom east to Babylon, which the Persians took over… so Persian wise men who honored those traditions and prophecies knew when and where the Messiah was born and came to Bethlehem much later only to find that Herod and the Jews had forgotten their own prophecies and weren’t watching and hadn’t noticed.

      Could the same apply to the Antichrist in 2016? If that is still a possibility – it has to play out soon and become VERY obvious. If not, my apologies for being WRONG after putting many specific clues together for June 6, 2016.

  20. David sir thanks for publishing some of my points which I was little skeptical that you wouldn’t as they directly criticised people on the highest PEDESTAL at Vatican . my admiration for you has increased more. God bless and pleasure to be associated with you.
    I have been as mentioned before in constant touch with various organisations and one of the elite ones is SSRF which has worldwide reach, they are standing by their prophecy of a big earthquake in Pakistan (and subcontinent region), I in Delhi feel the tremors time and again, even scientists have warned few days back that earth is showing major disturbances around the HIMALAYAN region and be ready for a major one to hit us .
    Let’s see what’s in store.

  21. Respect for you David sir for being such a humble human also pleasure to be conversing and learning from you.
    I actually dint mean that you or any1 is superior to God, I just meant was like until your findings became public, this whole ANTICHRIST was actually not on any1s mind nor did anyone had this foresight.
    I meant let’s assume OBAMA is antichrist, and also your book had been also pointing towards him, so so somewhere secret was already out OK not on your face types but back of many minds, so if Obama planned to nuke Newyork suppose, somewhere your theories would have resulted in people investigating that angel too which would be the last thing if you hadn’t revealed through your findings, this would have backfired on antichrist.
    It’s like if a thief plans to rob a bank, but a prophecy or some leak is out that bank will be robbed and security is high alerted, so thief maybe changes his plans and let the dust settle and then catch everybody unawares and when he is least doubted.
    That’s what I meant when I said maybe your alerting at least some part of the world with your findings and that has also made ANTICHRIST to remain dormant for a while.

  22. I was reading these words of Jesus today: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgement.”
    I’ve often thought that the doings of the antichrist would be carried out in smoke-filled back rooms, out of view of the cameras and reporters.
    We aren’t going to wake up one day and read a headline in the paper “Antichrist desecrates temple in Jerusalem.”
    Yes, I know historically other groups who expected a biblical event at a certain time then resorted to a “drop back and punt” position. Namely, claiming that indeed “it” happened, only in another dimension (like up in heaven). I’m thinking of people like Jehovah Witnesses or the Millerites.
    Whatever happens isn’t going to be obvious, that’s what I’m saying. Otherwise, the unsaved would be utterly convinced of their mistake by simply reading your book (or the bible).
    It just ain’t going to be that easy!

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