November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “OH MY NOT GOD!!! 10 Days Until the Antichrist is Revealed on June 6, 2016

  1. Two of my favourite books in fact the only books I have read of late end of times and antichrist.
    David sir, you have also written about nostrodomus prophecies, what’s the name of the book you have written please do let me no.
    Yes sir absolutely different countries having different ppl make the same prophecies in different languages and codes and end result is 2019, so if we think collectively not everybody can go wrong.

      • Nostradamus, World War III, 2002

      “explains a long, worldwide conflict between Islam and Christian nations, which Montaigne concluded (in 1998) would be a global problem beginning no later than early 2002 and eventually morphing into WWIII and probably ending around 2018-2019. Once available in English, Spanish, Indian, and Russian versions. Currently out of print.” (Nostradamus described a war that lasts 27 years, possibly approximately 1991-2018. The important theme to note is an Islamic invasion of Europe, including a limited nuclear war.)

  2. 8 days to go, I don’t no why David sir, though it’s a bad omen, but it’s turning out like a Alfred hitchcock movie (chilling and thrilling) , as too who will be the culprit and antichrist in this case.
    Wanted to share as my 6th sence is very strong, I m getting these dreams of how things will pen out and how the geographical situation of new world could be.

    1. Lots of us have dreams of things to come. They aren’t necessarily visions of the future, so much as they are reflections of our own concerns. But lots of people certainly do have bad dreams about Obama, and about the destruction of much of the Earth.

  3. 1. Isn’t the Hebrew calendar different than your calendar (the 6th day/6th month deal might be different)
    2. At which time zone will this event occur (EST, GMT, ???)
    3. The BIBLE never specifies the exact Year that this will occur (1966, 2006, etc.)
    Anyway, Interesting Theory

    1. I saw many clues pointing to certain specific dates, which fall into a pattern fitting astronomical alignments and Daniel’s time frames of 1260, 1290, and 1335 days. BUT since nothing obvious seemed to happen on June 6, 2016 – one of my key dates – it is very possible I am wrong – overall – or at least in knowing specific hours and days. To suggest that my timeline is still spot on is to suggest that prophetic events are happening in secret instead of being obvious – and while I know of ONE important thing happening in secret, even I won’t suggest making that assumption for all of it. Let’s pay attention – be awake – but let’s also assume I’m at least partially wrong until events prove otherwise.

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