February 24, 2024

As another writer explains here: “The four remaining encoded dates from The Dollar Code


are yet in the future, with the nearest one being the infamous 6/6/16 date. In case you were not aware a rare once in the history of the world (correction: It’s rare, but not that rare) celestial event is about to occur—the Venus occultation by the sun. This rare event has connections to the coming false Messiah and thus many are viewing it as a “sign in the heavens” of the coming antichrist. The sign will occur on 6/6/16″

“In prayer I have been asking the Lord to show me secret things of what is coming so that He would be glorified, Christians would not be caught unawares, and many would be brought to salvation.  God then laid it upon my heart and mind to check the 6/6/16 date, to see if it was encoded on the dollar bill. And lo and behold, it is!


Here is the mathematics showing the encoded date.

12.322 x 19.471 = 239.921662 = 239 years and 337 days

July 4, 1776 + 239 years and 337 days = June 6, 2016

Most of you probably recognize the esoteric significance of those numbers. The calculation of the encoded dates and their associated numbers are explained fully in The Dollar Code. But in short; 12 is the number of levels on the pyramid, 322 is the illuminati death number, and 19.471 is a number of great esoteric importance.”

I recognize these numbers and will point out that 19.47 is considered by some to be a latitude at which strange interdimensional energy reactions occur.  If two 4 sided tetrahedrons are placed inside a sphere like this:


then their points intersect the surface of the sphere (or planet) at the poles and at 19.47 degrees north and south.  One web site explains:

“Everything in our reality possesses a star tetrahedral energy field, and planets are no exception.  The points of the bases of the two tetrahedrons in the star tetrahedron touch an enclosing sphere at 19.47  degrees. At each planet’s 19.47  degree latitudes we have the intersection between the light body of the planet and its surface, and since light-bodies have the ability to connect us to other dimensions, at these latitudes we have an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experience.

Hence at these latitudes we find the massive volcanoes on Mars, the great red spot of Jupiter, two volcanoes on Venus, a dark spot on Neptune, dark cloud bands on Saturn, sun spots on the sun, and the volcanoes of Hawaii….”

A very similar angle in the descending passageway of the Great Pyramid was noted by author Peter Lemesurier in The Great Pyramid Decoded and he pointed out connections to June 6, the Sun, a Venus alignment, and an anti-messiah – all described in detail, along with many other clues pointing to June 6 in:

Antichrist 2016-2019

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