February 26, 2024

Everyone knows that Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter bomber earlier this week near the Turkish border with Syria.  Turkey claims the Russian jet flew into Turkish airspace, and that they gave ample warning before firing at the Russian plane, but many Turkish claims have been proven to be lies.  Yesterday, Russia retaliated by blowing up a convoy of Turkish trucks carrying munitions to ISIS rebels in Syria:

I completely understand what Putin and Russia are doing: they are letting Turkey know that it can’t shoot down Russian planes without suffering consequences.  But what the hell was Turkey doing?  I have read that Erdogan’s son and brother are the ones making all the money buying discounted oil from ISIS and re-selling it at higher prices; now it would make sense that ISIS oil might not make it to Turkey anymore, if Russian forces can stop it (and they can.)  So why would Turkey’s Erdogan risk this lucrative opportunity and attack its much more powerful Russian neighbor on President Erdogan’s direct orders?  Why is Turkey risking Russian retaliation to protect ISIS?


I suspect Erdogan and Obama both want an Islamic Caliphate.  Putin doesn’t seem to need Islamic terrorists gaining power; Obama can’t get himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorists.”  Putin is defending the interests of a major Christian nation – Russia.  Obama seems to be betraying the interests of a major Christian nation in order to help bring about the fulfillment of end times prophecy – from a Muslim perspective.


Shiite Islam has a prophecy about a tall black man who leads the strongest Western army in the end times – and this black leader is on the side of Shiite Muslims… Even the sounds, “O-ba-ma” when translated into Iran’s language (Farsi) means “he is with us” just as their prophecy describes it…”

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