May 18, 2024

Look at the photos.  If anybody tried to get a device like that through airport security, they would soon become deeply acquainted with the long arm of the TSA’s gloved hand. This isn’t about bringing a clock to school and being unfairly treated because of race or religion. It is a school, reacting as it must, to both protect everyone else and to adhere to zero tolerance policies when a student – probably quite innocently – brought in an electronic device that looks similar enough to a detonator or bomb trigger that an average school employee could not possibly know for sure.

But Obama has already invited the kid to the White House – for what – making the naive, pprobaby innocent, but still in the end poor decision to bring such a device to school.  Which may really be a way to make people more hesitant and question “overreacting” to a Muslim with a potential bomb.

Source: A clock or a bomb trigger, can you tell the difference?

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