July 13, 2024

Just a video commentary on the differences between Israel and her neighbors – from a someone who makes sense to me.

One of his many points: you don’t find any Jews or Christians who would be happy to see their children martyr themselves in a suicide bombing against their enemies.  But we have all seen videos from some places where the parents say they would be proud to have their children do so…

Another point – Israel has to win every conflict, every single time, just to survive and avoid another holocaust.  If the Arab nations win against Israel, ever, even one time – Israel will be destroyed.  So when it comes to making political/military decisions that affect national security, should Israel care what other nations think?

Unfortunately, the hostility surrounding Israel seems unlikely to be solved without overpowering outside intervention making both sides unite.  This could be a against an overpowering foreign invasion like a 21st century version of the Mongol invasion of Eurasia.  It could be the reaction of all humanity against an extraterrestrial threat.  Or it could be divine intervention, putting a real and immediate emphasis on topics like God, love, heaven, and hell.

As unlikely as any solution may seem, I think divine intervention is most likely.  My analysis of Bible prophecy concludes that the Antichrist will be front and center by June 2016, with THE END 3.5 years later.  Check out my books if interested.

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